Torrent Spy has gone to the dogs

Today I tried to get on Torrent Spy and they turned into a subscription site that you have to pay for. Just anther great Bit torrent site, taken down by legal issues. :’(

HUMMM have you tried instead?

That what I was about to say. You beat me to it. But I am trying to go there now and the page is not loading. I was there earlier:confused:


Have you tried any private trackers? You will get alot better speeds.

I’m there as i type…gotta get a few things in the works…since i’ll be gone for 3 or 4 days at a time now :frowning:

yeah and it wont load for me. I’m not running utorrent, soooo whats up with that?

Private? Never hear of it. Are you refering to those crappy I’ll e-mail you this if you e-mail me this crap?? looks like a fake rip off of, anyway seems to be working again now

Private tracker are normally closed to the public and only invite. There are several out there. Just look around.:iagree:

edit* I got into torrentspy too. and agree with Mr. Brownstone about being a fake. It was like that with suprnova as well.

oh no!!! not super nova…oh wait isn’t that newnova now??? oh i’m really bad with all the nova stuff…giggles

I think you’re referring to mininova.
Anyway, works just fine here.

private trackers . . . hmmmmm.

Then why does look identical to Only difference now is that the search engine is actually run off the same site.

Whoa. I didn’t even know that site existed. I’ll have a look…

Been on the go for two months and never heard of it until now. Apparently using the old suprnova code and a few tweaks here and there. Looks good - if it lasts.

:iagree: Yes it looks good with a few tweaks here and there and everywhere!

:disagree: :sad:

try .com instead of .org that will take you to the real torrentspy :slight_smile:

sorry, bit slow today, only just. woke up

Torrentspy is still the best IMO because of the comments people leave behind on the torrents. Helpful a lot of times ;).

Odd. The site seems OK to me. (As in it loads properly)

Has anyone been able to get onto torrentspy today? looks like the server is completely down?!!?:a (2:16 EST U.S.)

Anyone heard anything?