Torrent Requests

Does anyone know a good site to post torrent requests? I am looking for several hard-to-find items and just started using torrents in the hopes of finding them. Here’s the list if anyone knows where to find:

Free to Be You and Me (a children’s record)

Let me Take you Dancing (Bryan Adams, yes THAT Bryan Adams’ first and only disco song)

Dancing Under a Latin Moon (Candi)

I want to Hump the Unicorn (Artist Unknown–made in the 80s. I heard it in 1986, I think)

Baby, you could change my life (Sunni)

Couldn’t you just go buy the CD’s used? not sure if asking this kinda question is allowed here either!

[B]@Electrawoman:[/B] please do not post download requests for copyrighted material. Our rules are clear on this; so please re-read them here:

Thread closed.