Torrent problems


I have a fast internet connection. (4MB) I have a sagem modem. I just plug the usb into the modem, and the telephone socket into the modem, and then into the wall. When I download of the net I get excellent speeds. I can download linux in about 20 minutes. However, With bittorent, I get really slow speeds (20kb/sec. After reading up on this, quite a few sources say “wait for the torrent to get moving” But I have waited over an hour, And still no good speeds.

I have tryed different download methods, I downloaded ABC, Bittorrent, and Azaerus. All my torrents have plenty of seeders. I have no firewall , So all my ports are open.

I have read around, And some sources mention a “router” I have no idea what these are, and where I can get them from, And How I use them. Zcould somebody please advise men what to do next??? thanks.

  1. you don’t need a router, unless you want to share your connection with other PCs.
  2. i find BitComet is the best client.
  3. lower your max uploads to 10KB/s

Ok, will try using bitcomet andlowering upload speed tommorow. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get good speeds for weeks.

I have noticed from time to time when doing this you will get great speeds but for me as of late I am not getting it as fast set at 10 but when I set mine to 30KB it have been working better lately.

furqaan like G)-(osters mess atround with your upload speed that will be the key for your speed. I too have a 4MB connection and can get speed up to 500KB/sec. I am using ABC and happy with it. Your settings are gonna have to be something that you play with to find out where you get your highest speeds.

Another thing is that you may see alot of seeds but how mant are connectable. Look at some of the sites you go to are they public sites or are they member only sites. IMO member only sites get better speeds

The pic attached is showing what G)-(osters is talking about going to 10KB/s UL. Hope this helps you some

Generally the more you share the higher your dl speed will be. I’ve only got a 576/256 connection & I get in excess of 50kB/s when I limit my ul speed to 21kB/s. This gives enough spare ul capacity for the P2P app (Azureus for me) to communicate back to the seeder.

You must get a firewall though (Zonealarm/Nortons/TrendMicro etc) & run some IP protection like safepeer or peerguardian. I use both. This won’t adversely affect you dl speed. Otherwise you’re totally open to attack & tracking by the like of Sony, Time Warner etc.

Are you using Windows XP SP2?

TCP restrictions in Microsoft’s latest Windows XP service pack—SP2—could slowdown P2P download activity according to a post on Tech-Recipes. It seems that by design SP2 limits the number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts.

If so then download this patch: