Torrent files keep opening with Limewire

i have been downloading with bittorrent and some one told me to try limewire and now everything i download goes to limewire now how do i get it to download to bittorrent again

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I’m assuming here that you were previously using uTorrent to download BitTorrent content.

First you’ll need to deassociate Limewire from handling .Torrent files:

[li]Launch Limewire[/li][li]Go into the Tools menu and select “Options”[/li][li]Go into Advanced on the left and select “File Associations”[/li][li]Remove the tick from “.torrent” links[/li][li]If you use Torrent Magnet links, remove the tick from “magnet:” [/li][li]Click ‘OK’ and exit Limewire[/li][/ol]
Now you’ll need to associate the .Torrent files (and Magnet links) with uTorrent. You can do this as follows:

Within uTorrent

[li]Launch uTorrent[/li][li]Go into the Options menu and select “Preferences…”[/li][li]Click the “Associate with .torrent files” button.[/li][li]Click the “Associate with magnet URIs” button to also associate magnet links with uTorrent.[/li][li]Click ‘OK’ and now try opening a .Torrent file (or Torrent magnet link).[/li][/ol]

To associate .Torrent files with a different BitTorrent application:

[li]Save the .Torrent file on your desktop (instead of opening it)[/li][li]Right-click on this torrent file, select “Open With…” and click “Choose Program…”[/li][li]Click your preferred BitTorrent program from the list and tick the “Always use the selected program …” box[/li][li]Click ‘OK’ and the BitTorrent program you chose should now be assicated with .Torrent files.[/li][/ol]

ty so much it has worked you star