Torrent downloading speeds

I’m a bit dim when it comes to this, but I’ve read people saying that they can download torrents at speeds like 130kbps - the best I’ve ever got was 41kbps. My all time record has been 26 days to download a film - and then I discovered it was in Polish, but that’s another story!!!

Is the download speed to do with the speed of your broadband connection, or is it to do with how you have your torrent client set up? I’m using BitLord to download - is that an OK one or is there better?

I’d be ever so greatful if some nice kind person could explain it to me - and just to confirm that I’m not doing it for anything illegal - just to watch films that I’ve never seen.

Thank you


Many ISPs now restrict P2P downloading which could be the problem.

I know that Azureus & utorrent have methods to get around this by forcing encryption and this works very well. Don’t know if BitLord does anything like this though.

Here’s a link that explains a bit about it & how to set up Azureus to work. Might help you.

You were doing well up until this point.

I suspect a mod or administrator will close this thread soon.

You’re not going to get any decent download speeds from torrents if your ISP actively takes part in Traffic Shaping.

You can setup Encryption as much as you like, but it won’t make any bit of difference to the download speed.

I’m lucky - at least I know which days and which times my ISP is restricting bandwidth on my connection. I can work around those days and hours and still get decent download speeds. So I’m relatively happy. :wink:

i know my post isn’t going to be helpful but i just wanted to let you know that I think you mean 130 and 41 kBps not kbps. there’s a difference between kilobits and kilobytes.

130 kpbs is equal to about 16.5 kBps and is definitely nothing to brag about. as far as download speeds are concerned.

just figured i’d let you know to avoid confusion in teh future!

I can assure you that in my situation encryption overcomes the traffic shaping. It prevents my ISP from identifying that I’m using P2P.

Thanks guys. I’ll go and read that article and see how to do it.

I did say I was a bit dim - don’t know the difference between kilobytes and kilobits LOL. I got a lot to learn!

And I didn’t mean to say anything that was gonna get me into trouble. I realised after I said about downloading a film that some people might have thought I was downloading stuff and distributing it. Think maybe I should go and read the bit on the legalities of it all. I thought personal use was OK. (One hard kick up the bum for me!!) And I’m gonna stop the panic stricken waffle now… :eek:

Oh, and I just had a quick look at the settings on BitLord and I don’t see anything about encryption. I’ll read that article properly and maybe change over to Azureus or something.

Thanks again


µTorrent is perhaps the most popular application right now & can be found here . It has the protocol encryption facility which works quite nicely.
I used to use Azureus but have switched over to µTorrent & am pleased I did.

another vote for utorrent…you can’t beat something that doesn’t even require installation and is so light on system resources (which in my experience was my main issue with azureus)

any time I can just run a program from an exe file without putting a bunch of unnecessary crap all over my computer I’m all for it.

it’s a very clean and easy to use interface that’s not really intimidating. it has a lot of advanced options if you need them, but is still great for a beginner.

also i just wanted to say it’s ok that you don’t know a lot. that’s why you’re here! and to clear up the legal question you had, I don’t know what country you’re from so actual laws may differ but this forum’s rules prohibit us from discussing any illegally obtained content. that includes downloaded commercial movie titles, ripping rented discs, etc. Don’t worry though…there are tons of legitimate uses for bittorrent and it’s worth learning how to use.

even if you choose a client other than utorrent i think the guides on utorrent’s site are very good and worth looking into they obviously reference utorrent directly, but 90% of the concepts and procedures can be applied to other clients as well.

Thanks guys. Was worrying I was gonna get an instant ban!! Copyright laws seem to be a bit of a minefield though. I guess I assumed that if you could download something from a torrent site then it must be OK - or surely they’d be shut down and not allowed. I’m in Scotland, by the way.

I’ve been on a lot of learning curves recently and the next project is to master uTorrent!!

Surprised this thread is still opened.

Most of the popular torrent sites [B]only[/B] host illegal files for download. The authorities can’t keep tabs on all of these sites, you know.

I remember the site being shut down at one point but it was up and running again within a few weeks.

If you’re in Scotland, then what you’re doing is illegal. It’s only legal to download a movie that you’ve never seen before if you’re buying the movie file from a reputable P2P pay site.

Maybe you should give me some tips then. :rolleyes:

I’m using Tiscali’s 8 Mbps service. Traffic Shaping usually takes place between 6pm and 12 midnight on weekdays and all day on weekends.

My torrent client is Azureus. I’ve opened up Port 443 in my Router’s Control Panel specifically for BitTorrent communications.

this isn’t the case at all. I don’t know anything about laws in scotland, so i’ll say in MOST cases that’s not true. Definitely do some research on copyright laws in your country to be sure though.

you’ll find that a lot of what is hosted on bittorrent sites is not legal material. dvd rips, audio cd rips, pirated software, game cracks, etc… are all illegal in the US and many other countries as well so I won’t speak for Scotland, but I just wanted you to be aware of what you’re getting into. Ultimately you are responsible for what you choose to download.

on the same note, don’t trust any ads you see for one-time-fee pay bittorrent services that say by paying them for their client it’s legal to download all of the material. as with anything in life, there are always people out to just make money. Regardless of what they tell you, you are still responsible for what you download.

if you ever see a site or a service that might be a scam it probably is. and if you’re not sure feel free to post and I’m sure plenty of people would be sure to critique it for you.

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Just use common sense (and a good virus scanner) and you should be fine. :slight_smile:

I hope I haven’t scared you off! I just wanted to make it clear that not everything you find is going to be legal. Many people take that risk and choose to access that content anyway and that’s your own risk to take, but if you run into trouble in that regard this forum isn’t likely to be able to help you.

I can download the Nero torrent file at over 500k per second. It all depends on alot of things.


Read the link I posted earlier.

a few things which help me to get upto 1500 kB/s. sometimes more but most of time far less, around a few hundred.

my isp rated download is 5 Mb/s, i use bitcomet, set my global max download rate at 1500 kB/s, listen port 24814, enable UPnP port mapping, maximum connections per task at 1000. i also downloaded a little program here to set the half-open tcp limit, i set mine at 1000.

the most important thing is to choose downloads with the highest number of seeds and the lowest number of leeches.

Having a good torrent with lots of seeds (and or lots of peers) is the most important. If there are enough people uploading (and or people with fast upload speeds), then it is impossible to get fast download speeds. Depending on what you are downloading, sometimes there may be more than one torrent with the same material. It can be worth it to find a good one.

As far as bitcomet, be aware that it allows heavy leeching (at least older versions did) so some trackers have banned it. I’m not saying don’t use it (I do from time to time), but if you get a torrent that is dog slow or dead half way through, try opening the torrent in utorrent. If you have default settings, bitcomet will add .bc! the the end of the file name if it is an incomplete download. Remove this file extension, then use the same save location with the same torrent in utorrent, and it will pick right back up where bitcomet left off (without losing what you already downloaded). It might not hurt to do a force recheck in utorent (stop the torent then right click and select that option) to make sure it recognizes the file.

Personally, sometimes bitcomet is faster, and sometimes utorrent is faster depending on the torrent.

The patcher in that link is being picked up as Spyware in my Antivirus/Internet Security program.

I already have Encryption setup in Azureus.

I was hoping you could tell me how to set it up in uTorrent. The problem with uTorrent is that I could never get it to download at decent speeds.

But seeing as everyone else here is having lots of success with uTorrent, even from ISPs that actively take part in traffic shaping, then maybe I should give it another go.

what this does is allow you to adjust your half-open connections to a higher value than the default 10. microsoft thinks this is supposed to slow down certain viruses because their spreading strategy is to try to connect to a high amount of random IP numbers. however this will also slow down your bittorrents.

if you are running a good antivirus program, which it seems you are, then this wont be a problem. after all this will not make it easier for you get viruses just spread them faster if you do.


In utorrent just go into options & BitTorrent & select “forced” in Protocol Encryption.

I read somewhere that if you use the port(s) that your ISP commonly uses for VOIP then they won’t throttle, but I’m not sure about that myself. May be worth looking into.