Tornado just came thru.. Anyone ever been in one?

A tornado just came thru my county, and those sirens were SCREAMING. Those things sound “eerie”.

So has anyone here ever been in the middle of a tornado or hurricane?

Heard the sirens,wish I could see one though

about 5 years ago, my dads friend brought some beer over. they were gonna sit outside and drink. it got really windy. they came in the garage and put the door down, and continued.

2 miles away, a tornado blew a freight train off its track. 25 miles in the other direction, another tornado obliterated (literally) almost an entire town. (ogden, illinois).

my city tests the sirens the first tuesday of every month…so eerie doesnt really describe them.

I’m in Illinois also, and my county tests the sirens the first Tuesday of every month also. Must be a statewide thing.

My stepmother slept thru one once. It was back in the 60’s, and I think they were living in Joilet. Needless to say, she’s a “sound” sleeper.:bigsmile:

So.Ill is flaaaaaat. I think it is the flatest place I’ve seen in the states. This includes Kansas,Iowa and Nebraska.

lol - southern illinois is HILLY compared to central illinois.

Fortunately we do not see many Tornados in the UK, except for the Tornado Fighter planes our air force use.
A real tornado looks very scary, I don’t think I’d like to be caught up in one.

:D… yeah southern illinois is like a mountainous region compared to central illinois. My county is EXTREMELY hilly. Heck, in my area and even surrounding areas, you can go rock climbing in the state parks.(seriously) But central illinois is VERY flat.:iagree:

No we dont get freaky natural phenonemas here. Only lots and lots of water.

I’ve got to make it to Sweeden before I bite the dust. Beautiful country and women, what more could you want.

Australia = opposite, minus tornadoes.

Although scientists are speculating, since in the middle of Oz, we do get some weird looking weather patterns, but no-one lives there to verify whether they are tornadoes :iagree:

who needs landscapes when there are beautiful women everywhere? its like the backdrop at a family picture - you dont really care what it is, so long as its not distracting.

here in central illinois, we name HILLS. i drove by centennial hill today!

ckin2001, are you up around Springfield or Effingham?

here (as dee said) we dont get much extreme weather, it just rains most of the time. the worst storm i was ever in was when we spent a night in a log cabin in norway, went outside to see how bad it was, and got hit by a flying chair, we where worried the cabin would blow away, fortunitly it didnt.

ben :slight_smile:

There are people who get depressed (literally) when it is cloudy outside. There is an actual medical term for it I think. I’ve always wondered how they would get along in England or Europe where it’s cloudy/raining all the time. Guess they’d have to move :confused:.

im more central than that :smiley: