Torn between a litey SHM-165H6S and a benq DW1655

I’m looking for a drive to replace my litey SOHW-1633S@1653S. Can’t decide between a litey SHM-165H6S and a benq DW1655. Any suggestions or recomendations? Thanks.

Short answer from me; if you arent going to be burning DL media then get the BenQ, if you are, alot, then get the Lite-on.

Thanks. The only reason I’m even considering the litey is because I’m a little old school and like burning my media a little under rated speed and it will burn 8x rated media @ 6x where the benq won’t. Strats for benq are 2.4, 4, 8, and 12. Strats for litey are 2.4, 4, 6, and 8. I never OS.

There is a reason that it wont burn slow, because media that is rated at 8x will yield WORSE results, as the dye is not meant to be burned slower. If you want to see what sort of scans you can get with the BenQ 1650/55 just take a look at the 1650, or the 1655 scans thread. Obviously, the better media you use the better quality results. In fact, the benQ can burn Taiyo Yuden 8x media at 12x with very good results. Trust me, if you arent going to use DL media then go for the 1650.

I do use DL on occasion. I only use verbatim dvd+r media. A TY now and then. Do you recommend the 1650 over the 1655? I was under the impression they were the same drive except the 1655 incorperated lightscribe.

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@ Mort81
The 1650 is identical to the 1655. Just minus the LS h/w. The f/w also differs marginally. But I don’t believe this to be significant in terms of burns. Some users claim one to be better than the other. But you see this slight amount of variation in 2 indentical drives.
While gregtherotterius is too a certain extent correct about DL. This is about f/w support & as an investment for the future shoudn’t put you off.
I’m surprised he hasn’t tried getting youto go for the Pioneer 111 for DL. I believe he’s on commission. :bigsmile: (or maybe seen your post in the other forum). :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

And now considering Lite On owns BenQ…

Haha!! No zabadee. I am fully aware that the 1650 is alot better writer of T02 than my 111. I recently took my 1650 out of that P3 comp i was moaning about, and now i just swap the drives in and out of my enclosure (cant be bothered to buy a 2nd enclosure just because of lazyness).

Honestly the only reason I was praising the 111 so much was because it makes very good burns, just not AS good as the 1650. The 111 is just as good as alot of other burners out there at the moment when it comes to SL burns. In fact I wouldnt be surprised if BenQ drives favoured their burns, whether they do or dont i dunno, but you never know. If you want an all rounder, and dont care about lightscribe, then its the 111. If you want a drive that excells with SL media and dont care about DL burning at present and dont mind waiting till better firmware comes out, and you happen to think that lightscribe is something more than just a gimmick, then get the 1655. :bigsmile:

I get 97% scores with both the 111 and 1650 on SL media, the 1650 gets 98%;s more often. If I was in a rush, and I had the 111 in the enclosure,I wouldnt exactly be swapping the 111 out for the 1650 just for that extra 1 percent and less PIF’s, as the PIF max would be 6, with 360 PIF’s, for the 111 instead of PIF Max 4 and 60 PIF’s. The read curve is the same, and both play in my dvd player and are read by other readers.

If you REALLY want to be picky like alot of ‘cd-freaks’ here, and you care about those extra PIF’s, then its the 1650/55 for you.

And seeing as you’ve invited me to praise my 111 :p, If the 111 had come out at the same time as the 1650, I would’ve got the 111, as it serves my needs better, with DVD-RAM, and 8X burning of MKM 001 :bigsmile: And as long as the dvd’s burned by the 111 are readable for a good year, then thats good enough for me. If I hadnt become a member here, and I didnt use the 1650 for scanning, burning those SL dvd discs, just for the sake of those fewer PIF’s, then I would’ve sold the 1650 by now :wink: lol. But since I AM a cd freaks member, I do ‘like’ fewer PIF’s, and can easily just use my 111 till a better

See? Not that bad?

takes a deep breath :slight_smile:

Since this is exactly the same thing I was debating about posting (even down the same drive/fw being replaced), I am gong to ask a few more specifics to hopefully narrow my decision down.

II don’t burn video at least yet, nor do I see DL being a concern for me in the near future. Lightscribe will be more dependant on which model of either the BenQ or Liteon I get a better deal on.

What I am burning is a lot of data and slowly but surely backing up 600-700 music CDs I bought in the 80’s that are now either non-existent or very hard to find.

The Liteon 1633 did a suberb job ripping, pulling stuff off those older hard used CDs that the my Sony CD burner couldn’t. It consistantly did good burns, not great always but good.

I picked up the I/O Magic rebadged DW1670 and couldn’t be happier with burn results, but lack of scanning really hurts. I ended up putting the Litey back in and taking Sony CD out for scanning, but the DW1670 isn’t impressing me as a replacement ripper for the Sony. And my experience has been that having two from different companies works - what the sony couldn’t get the litey usually did and vice versa. Gave me an extra arrow so to speak.

What I am seeing in the forum on Liteon for the newer models & f/w is making me hesitant on the Liteys, but the performance (outside of the burning) of the DW1670 is making me hesitant on the BenQ.

Just go for the 1650/55 in your case.

Pioneer is out of the equation. Not even an afterthought. Bitsetting is a must and I don’t want a drive that isn’t bitsetting ready. No hacked/buffalo f/w.

I’m also looking at getting one of these two drives. Mainly I am looking for quality scanning and ripping speed and low cost. I burn TYG02 and MKM01(DL).

If my NEC 3500 does better burns then I will keep it installed and just use the new drive for ripping and scanning.

I use littie for scaning and ripping and lg or benq for burning,so I say get the 1655 and scan and rip with the littie you have and burn with the 1655.