Torn between a litey SHM-165H6S and a benq DW1655

I’m looking for a drive to replace my litey SOHW-1633S@1653S. Can’t decide between a litey SHM-165H6S and a benq DW1655. Any suggestions or recomendations? Thanks.

Either one is an excellent choice because [B]overall[/B] they perform about equally well.

If you tell us which features are important to you, you will get more detailed feedback.

Thanks for your reply. Bitsetting is a must which both are capable of. My media of choice is verbatim (MCCOO3). I do burn DL media on occasion but not very often. I’m a little bit old school and prefer burning 8x rated media @ 6x which the litey is capable of but the benq isn’t. I thought litey’s were faster rippers but was told on AD forum that benq’s were faster. I almost bought a plextor px 760 untill I read all the bad reviews. There is nothing wrong with my litey now other than cosmetics (it’s beige my case is charcoal and other drives are black). Just time for an upgrade.

Just posted this in the BenQ forum, so now want to see what Liteon owners think - especially those who have both models

Since this is exactly the same thing I was debating about posting (even down the same drive/fw being replaced), I am gong to ask a few more specifics to hopefully narrow my decision down.

II don’t burn video at least yet, nor do I see DL being a concern for me in the near future. Lightscribe will be more dependant on which model of either the BenQ or Liteon I get a better deal on.

What I am burning is a lot of data and slowly but surely backing up 600-700 music CDs I bought in the 80’s that are now either non-existent or very hard to find.

The Liteon 1633 did a suberb job ripping, pulling stuff off those older hard used CDs that the my Sony CD burner couldn’t. It consistantly did good burns, not great always but good.

I picked up the I/O Magic rebadged DW1670 and couldn’t be happier with burn results, but lack of scanning really hurts. I ended up putting the Litey back in and taking Sony CD out for scanning, but the DW1670 isn’t impressing me as a replacement ripper for the Sony. And my experience has been that having two from different companies works - what the sony couldn’t get the litey usually did and vice versa. Gave me an extra arrow so to speak.

What I am seeing in the forum on Liteon for the newer models & f/w is making me hesitant on the Liteys, but the performance (outside of the burning) of the DW1670 is making me hesitant on the BenQ.

I can understand that you want a balanced response, but next time, post it on the general ‘optical drives forum’ instead of asking the same question twice in two threads, as this is called ‘cross posting’ and is against the forum rules. Cheers,

You are correct and my apologies. I know better. I just wanted opinions from both sides.

I think you’ll be happy with either one, given that the two drives’ performance in the categories that interest you is about the same. I’ve never met a drive that didn’t burn MCC 003 well at 8x, even black sheep like Toshiba SD-R5372 and BenQ DQ60 did a good job with it :slight_smile:

16P6S Lite-Ons are a step forward from 163S drives in many, if not all respects, but DW1670 is not your typical BenQ drive; DW1640/50/55 are much better drives.

either one will be fine tbh, just take the cheaper of the two. you’ll never know when that extra dollar you save can buy you a willing lottery ticket. :smiley: (and if you win, don’t forget it was I who suggested it!) my only beef with the benqs is their inability to burn my verbatim dl (natively, that is) over its rated speed while the liteons can.

Most think either would be a good choice and that their performances are fairly even. Here’s my thinking. I’m leaning towards the litey because 1) I can still use kprobe with it 2) better DL burner 3) it has lightscribe and I can replace my benq 1620 later with a 1650 as opposed to a 1655 since ppl tend to prefer the 1650 over the 1655. I can always pick up a 1650 for around $35 less shipping 4) the litey will burn 8x rated media @ 6x 5) the litey is on sale right now.

Anybody totally disagree with my reasoning?

well here are my thoughts: 1) benq has qsuite, 2) better, or just faster? I’d say just faster 3) it’s betwee dw1655 and 165H6s, not between anything else; 1655 and 1650 are about equal, I haven’t seen anything to show me otherwise, here on the forum or my own testing 4) I don’t understand the obsession w/ burning @6x 5) yes, it is isn’t it :wink:

  1. CD-DVD Speed can be used with both.

  2. Questionable… follow the steps outlined here to achieve fast burns on MKM 001 in 1650/1655.

  3. 1650 and 1655 are exactly the same hardware, with the exception of LightScribe. People can spend countless hours trying to discern differences between models, when all they are looking at are differences between individual drives. In other words, two 1655s can be as different, burn quality wise, as one 1655 vs. another 1650.

  4. Who cares. There is only one marginally interesting reason to burn 8x media at 6x: 6x burns are a little less noisy because the disc rotates 1/4 slower.

  5. Fine. That’s a good reason. :slight_smile:

Since I am still debating this issue as well myself, one thing that hasn’t been mentioned - is there any difference in the Lightscribe qualities etc between the two drives?

While I still can’t see it being a major concern of mine, I also thought that regarding the 5x Ram. Since buying the DW1670 and getting it as a nice extra, I am now finding I have several invaluable uses for it.

and my apologies also for my cross post - I should have known better as well :o

Whether or not I made the best choice, I went with the litey. As mentioned previously my benq 1620 is about due for a replacement and I will most likely replace it with a 1650. I have no interest in the the 1670 since they changed the chipset on it. Thanks for all the help and opinions

welcome aboard the liteon bandwagon. :slight_smile:

just ordered myself the “SHM-165H6S” I sure hope it’s good, my current litey (SOHW-1693S) is nearing its end.

as for the BenQ, I have that 1655, it’s an ok burner (i’ve yet to get good quality burns out of it, unless I burn @ 12x), the BenQ 1640 still gives me overall better quality burns, rivaling my Plextor PX-716A @ a fraction of the cost. :slight_smile:

Well, whatever your choice, best of luck.

the Lite-On SHM-165H6S, OEM/Black, is on sale @ NewEgg at the moment for $43.99 & free shipping.

the Lite-On SHM-165H6S, OEM/Black, is on sale @ NewEgg at the moment for $43.99 & free shipping.

Yeah that’s the one I ordered along with a 20 pk verbatim dvd+r LS media $5.00 off with combo deal. Hope it’s a good drive. I read a review after I ordered it saying it was riplocked to 8x on DL dvd-rom’s. Made me second guess myself. I can still cancel the order.

I dont think it makes a big difference unless you are in a hurry lol.

buy both, simple

Nah, too many new toys at once spoils the fun. COdeKing just informed me there was some test f/w that enabled DL dvd-rom’s to be ripped at 12x.