Torn between 2 drives

Plextor. Not because I’m a Mod for this forum but the Plextor package and support is excellent. I have no experience with Yamaha’s support as I said and their package is good: one CD-R/RW and a good manual. The Lite-On package, well, sucks really. Manuals could be better, not much software, Ultra-Speed CD-RW disc doesn’t work at the speed the drive supports (based on my experience with the Lite-On LTR-52246S and the US-RW that came with that. The disc was just not good and my Plextor also couldn’t write it. alexnoe had the same experience).

Plextor has the best package. Again I’m not saying this because I am the Mod here, it’s a fact. They include 5 CD-R’s, 1 US-RW (which actually works at 24x), PlexTools software, good manuals and a two year warranty (Yamaha also offers this, don’t know about Lite-On). The Yamaha comes second, Lite-On on the last place. But on the other hand: the Lite-On is the cheapest drive, followed by the Yamaha and then the Plextor.

The choice is yours :wink:

A note on the CD-RW disc: A good US-CD-RW costs about 2 Euro, so just throw the bundled disc into the waste basket and add 2 Euros to the LiteOns actual price :slight_smile:
The Yamaha support is at least existing…which is more than LiteOn.

The only good thing for LiteOn is the writer (and well, many people don’t want more than the writer itself, including me :smiley: )

Well, you guys have really been of great help.

I think I will end up getting the Plextor for my system, and a LiteOn for the kids. Probably the biggest reason for me is Plextor support, it’s like an insurance policy… you don’t wanna have to use it, but you are glad that it is there in case it is needed.

Again… I thank you all for the help and input

many people don’t want more than the writer itself

I’m with you Alex, they can put it in a paper bag if it makes it cheaper, and forget the discs too. As for support, I can’t think of a reason I would need support, other than to return a drive, and that comes from the retailer.

Speaking of the supplied LiteOn disc, look at THIS

By no means am I knocking the LiteOn drive.

If I were to get an additional reader… the Toshiba 1612 to pair with the LiteOn, it would put me in the ballpark of the other 2 drives pricewise. Would it be a superior combination when compaired to either the Plextor or Yamah… it very well could be.

I highly value service, and customer support. Take for instance… if I go into a store and have to wait an hour for service… I will not return to that store. I would rather go elsewhere and pay more but get decent service. Same with a store with bad return policies… it’s just not worth it to me.

There are always tradeoff’s, which ones are acceptable and not are an individuals choice.

That disc is awful, it would be better to not include one.

Get the Plex for yourself you will not be unhappy with your choice. I too am an old! Plexy user. I still have an 32x cdrom and 40x cdrom and an 820 burner. All SCSI, I did buy the 2410a atapi and have not been displeased. It is the only non SCSI peripheral in my computer. It lives alone on the primary master channel and is happy there. I did read that they are going to come out with a new 48x SCSI drive. Could you wait for it? I hope that it will be as good a reader and burner as all the others. Then you could first get a Liteon for the kids. This is what I did. I bought a Liteon 48246s for the kids and use it to burn those few games Securom, I need burnt when the plex won’t do. Liteon burners are lousy readers. I use my plex to read and send thru network to my kids and burn with liteon.

Plextor is still the best made CD rom & Burner maker out there. It is their skill in small engine making that gave them this edge.
Love both liteon and plextor both good drives.

There isn’t a rush for me to purchase anything, was more or less a christmas present to me, from me :p. I had just gotten a metallic grey Antec case, and wanted to match it with black components. I am long overdue for a new burner though.

I just feel that it’s late in the game to be releasing a SCSI burner, and wish they would have atleast thrown us a bone once in awhile. Especially since they were at one time a SCSI only company.

Either which way… the kids will be happy. I will probably pickup the LiteOn this weekend for theirs. Alexnoe and the others have me curious enough to get one. I’ll just justify it as a way to keep everyone off of my computer :bigsmile: Don’t know what excuse I will come up with when they catch me on their computer tho…:smiley:

I have thought and still do think, that SCSI takes less hits on the PCI bus, than IDE. One of the primary reasons for burn proof being made was this. I never had underruns with my SCSI Burners ever. I have always had SCSI Systems, and with this computer I bought an Adaptec 39160 Ultra 160 Dual channel card, just so I could have legacy devices and Ultra 160 each on their own channel, but only use one PCI slot. So much better than 2 SCSI cards. This freed up a slot for a Hardware decoder for movie watching.

I do notice the hit the Plextor IDE drive makes on the system compared to SCSI. It slows the system down. It took alot to break down and buy this drive. But for IDE it is good. Better made, it feels substantial in comparison with the liteon. Just hte way the tray slides out is more sturdy. You can tell the difference.

I have even had some securom flukes with the plex as hit has burned 2 games I thought it would not. So Great drive company. I am glad that they are thinking SCSI again. I did write to them and ask them to make one, maybe alot of others did as well. We were there main customers for years afterall.:cool:

By the way: the new SCSI will be a 40/12/40 drive and not a 48x drive.

SCSI has always had it’s advantages over IDE… but price/performance is not one of them. For me it’s nice to be able to have so many devices that can run concurrently off of 1 IRQ.

Thanks for the link… it’s too bad that nothing is mentioned on the America’s website. Any idea what the street price of this drive is? Funny that it is only a 12 RW drive though. Would be really curious to see reviews of it.

=> the price is really :Z

ouch… :eek: 250 euro’s. That’s just a little over $400 CDN, for a product that isn’t even as fast as the current IDE offering from them.

Je ne veut pas SCSI aussi temps.