Torn between 2 drives

I’m trying to decide between the Plextor PX-W4824TA. and the Yamaha F1. I’ve read reviews until I think my eyes are gonna bleed, and everytime I think I have made the decision… I read some comment about one that stirs the pot up again.

My selection criteria in order of precedence… product support, burn quality, ability to handle various CD protections, quality of the burner construction, noise level, speed, price.

From the review’s that I have read, this is what I understand to be true… please correct me where I am wrong. Both have excellent support. Both seem to produce good quality burns. Each drive seems to have their strengths and weakness with protections… while one is better with audio protections, the other is better with software protections. (each weakness can be made up for by just downloading the MP3 or no-CD crack)

Now to the part that is unclear to me… which is the more solid drive? I have read that Plextor is no longer a gear driven tray, and that the tray on the F1 drops down slightly as it comes out. I would really like to hear from ppl that have used both of these drives as to which drive feels more solidly constructed, and also which of the 2 is the more quiet drive.

This drive will replace my very old, but very faithful Plextor PX-R412C caddy SCSI, and Plextor PX-32TS UltraPlex SCSI. To be honest, if my new Antec Plus1080 AMG case wasn’t metallic grey, and wanting to match it with black components… I probably wouldn’t upgrade. (burning a CD in less than 20 minutes doesn’t hurt either tho :stuck_out_tongue: )

I am a bit dishearten with Plextor in that they have not released SCSI counter parts to most of their drives. And now that the performance difference between SCSI and IDE is almost moot, they announce the 48x SCSI CDR/RW. Go figure.

each weakness can be made up for by just downloading … no-CD crack
No, it can’t :frowning:

And with protections, the LiteOn 52x can do both data and audio, except some SecuROMs, which require a better subchannel reader for the reading part.

Out of curiosity… what titles are there not no-cd cracks for? I really don’t care for using the original playdisk idea, and have always burned copies or used a no-cd crack to preserve the original. In 99% of the games that I have tried worked with a burned cd. Please keep in mind that I do not play nor burn every title released, so I only speak from my somewhat limited experience.

I’m sure the lite-on is an excellent drive, and have heard a good many things said about them. The reason I didn’t consider Lite-on was… support provided by the company and, reported loudness of the drives. Since I have never owned a Lite-on… I can only go by what I have read in newsgroups and forums. (be it true or false)

For example, my dealings with Plextor have all been favorable. When I have e-mailed Plextor, I have always received a timley response… and when I requested the firmware update for my UltraPlex, it was mailed out and received within a week. (firmware update for the UltraPlex required chip replacement) Are they still like this… I’m not sure as I have not had the need to use them in years.

btw… how do you like your asus motherboard? I am looking at that board and the P4PE.

Ah…you didn’t get it :eek:

You are not allowed to use cracks!

The LiteOn is loud at 48x/52x, but not at 40x. If you have any problem with a LiteOn => LiteOn forum, but certainly not “technical support” from LiteOn :slight_smile:

The Asus board is fine, but that would be a topic for General Hardware.

ok… I was under the impression that whatever worked :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you feel the overall construction of the Lite-on is when compared with the other 2 drives? As I mentioned before, speed isn’t the biggest concern for me, and would be happy to burn at 40x after burning at 4x for the last 5 or 6 years. I just want a soundly built drive, that will handle most things thrown at it…and will last me till DVD burners are the norm.

Lets say: The other 2 drives are not worth the extra money. The only thing you should have if you decide for liteon is an extra reader if you want to backup securom games

I have yet to see anyone compare the 3 drives for actual noise levels. My own experience is that all my liteOn drives (40x, 48x, 52x) are quieter than any drive I’ve had in the past, and have no vibration at all. I seriously doubt that any 40x+ drive will be quieter than the LiteOns. Case design, mounting and location will have more affect on noise than the choice of drive will, IMHO.
As for durability, current reports here are that LiteOn drives are burning thousands of CDR’s. My own have burned hundreds. And considering the price and rapid advances in technology, I’m guessing I’ll never wear one out, as i seem to replace them at an alarming rate. :wink:

thank you for your frankness, just to make sure I am clear with everything you have said… please correct where wrong… the Lite-on handles software and audio protections better than either the Plextor or Yamaha.

One question begs to be asked, if the Lite-on’s requires an additional reader for SecurRom games… dosen’t that put it in the same ballpark as the other drives for cost? A LiteOn 52X24X52 CD-RW runs $123 CDN for the retail package… then add the cost of a decent reader… a Yamaha F1 runs $179 CDN… and a Plextor PX-W4824TA runs $204 CDN

thank you for your input on the noise lvl of the Lite-on’s… as I mentioned… having not seen or used any of these drives, it’s hard to get a real feel for them.

Agreed that things are rapidly changing, but I generally hold on to things for awhile. I probably would have changed sooner if Plextor would had offered SCSI counterparts. :frowning:

all the quick and helpful replies have been greatly appreciated

LiteOn, Plextor and Yamaha can all handle almost all audio protections (some Cactus 100 discs are :Z for all of them, though).
Only LiteOns can write SafeDisc 2 without AWS.

Maybe you could try to get a 48126S or 48246S? Both of them could be upgraded to 52246S…that would be cheaper.

Don’t know about prices in Canada, but here, a LiteOn 48246S+Toshiba 1612 could be found cheaper than a Plextor or even Yamaha if one searches thoroughly.

As to noise: Just image a disc spinning at 150 - 200 rounds per second :slight_smile:

Lite-on 4824s OEM can be had for $88 CDN or $93 for the black… Toshiba 1612 runs $69 CDN, so yes, both do come in just under the price of the F1. If the Toshiba is picky about burned media, why is everyone recommending it?

I was under the impression from the review’s that the Plextor did do cactus without problem.

If I can just ask another question… why is it a big deal if a burner has to use AWS or another software scheme to defeat a protection? I don’t mass burn CD’s for ppl, and even if I had to have the hide cdr option enabled, it’s no big deal.

Just when I thought I had narrowed it down to 2 drives :slight_smile: always seems to be something stirring the pot up again :smiley:

Heh i am very confused with all of you guys …

The Plextor quality in the burners is known world wide …
Why some one to save few dollars just for getting one el cheap burner who can burn just few games more than the Plextor …

ALSO , the Plextor burners come with the famous Plextor tools , that there is no software like this available for any other burner, from any other company world wide …

Error detection and correction is the power of it …

Plextor for ever !! and the Lite-On can just be there as second burner just for some hardcore gamers , or cheaters … :slight_smile:

Did i say that the Plextor is loaded with special technologies for sound burning with the finest results …
Ok i said it now , and i think that i said enough …

The Plextor quality in the burners is known world wide …

So, you’re saying that if you were given 2 identical CDR’s, one burned in a Plex, and one burned in a LiteOn, you can tell them apart?

Plextor is not longer as good as everyone tells, compared to others: The other companies have started to catch up some time ago, and now some have caught up :slight_smile:

Plextors can do Cactus 200, but with Cactus 100, some will fail (the plextor 40x cd-rom is recommended for Cactus 100 and thus superior for protected audio, compared to any LiteOn :frowning: ).

The only really important thing in Plextools is “Single-Session”. And well, a LiteOn can rip the same protected audio discs as a Plextor writer without that option (these Plextor drives which fail with Cactus 100 V3 don’t read it at all, not even in Single-Session-Mode)

These “special technologies” use the Placebo effect :slight_smile:
They can make some old players recognise the discs, but if you can hear a difference between different VariRec settings (which do not result from a picky player which does not read it for some settings at all), then your player is defective :slight_smile:

@RD: You can distingish them: The LiteOn-written disc will have a much lower C1 error rate for most brands of media :smiley: Latest Plextor drives :Z on bad media actually. See the media tests on Plextor 48x vs LiteOn 52x in the corresponding reviews!

The Toshiba drive is only picky for badly written weak sectors. They are recommended because they are very good subchannel readers.


Keep in mind that you are not getting unbiased opinions.

Some treat their favorite products with religious fervor, and try to proselytise even if it’s off topic and an unasked question. Nothing will ever be acceptable except what they prefer.

To return to the original question, I would go for the Plextor. Plextor’s combination of service, support, high performance and integrity is worth the extra cost to those who don’t find lowest cost to be the highest priority. In keeping with your priorities, Plextor sets the standard and undeniably has the best product support in the business.

No burner is perfect for copy protection, but Plextor is generally considered better than most for audio protection.

No burner is perfect for copy protection
LiteOn and Plextor could make THE perfect burner if they cooperated…

Originally posted by alexnoe
LiteOn and Plextor could make THE perfect burner if they cooperated…

Yes this is also known world wide , but this package is for the knowledgeable guys , the average user , needs something good,that it will last in time , and the Plextors is well known for that …
Ok , in Europe the Plextor gives two years warranty , this offer by it self it does eliminates any second thoughts about the longevity of the Plextors …

The other companies have started to catch up some time ago, and now some have caught up

I am too old for starting new debates about this stuff , i will only say that i do appreciate the Plextor ,mostly because they have managed to produce , good quality burners in normal price .
Some years back the Plextor was one not affordable dream machine .
Today the Plextor offer good quality , good price , and also something more in the package, than just one burner …
Practically the differences is not visible , but under this consideration , go and buy a car , and not look the brand !!
All the cars, is cars , with wheels and engine .


No opinions are unbiased… but all are welcome.

Agreed about Plextor support, I have had nothing but the very best of experience with them. Yamaha supposedly has excellent support as well.

It seems that no one drive does it all… with the added cost of a reader to do SecuRom, it brings the Lite-on’s price into the realm of the Yamaha and Plextor. I believe both the Plextor and Yamaha are reported to do SecuRom without problem.

I am pretty well still stuck between the F1 and the Plextor, Lite-on’s biggest flaw to me is lack of technical support. What I will probably end up doing is getting either the Plextor or Yamaha for my system and a Lite-on for the kids computer. (then I can steal it if needed :wink: )

What I will probably end up doing is getting either the Plextor or Yamaha for my system and a Lite-on for the kids computer.
Having both a Plextor and a LiteOn is even better :bigsmile:

Some additional information as most things have been answered. Currently I have all three writers in my computer (yes I’m very fortunate ;)): the Plextor PX-W4824TA, the Yamaha CRW-F1 and the Lite-On LTR-52246S. When burning at maximum speed, the Lite-On drive is by far the loudest. This is no surprise considering the Lite-On is the fastest burner and has the highest rpm’s. The same goes for reading: the Lite-On is the only drive that can read at 52x. The Yamaha and Plextor will read at 44x and 40x (by default) or 48x (when SpeedRead is enabled). All three drives seem like they’re build well. The latest Plextor drive uses a belt driven tray while the Lite-On and the Yamaha (as far as I can tell) use a gear driven tray. The Plextor has the quietest tray although the difference is minimal. When you use all three drives at the same write or read speed I cannot really tell the difference in sound level. They all use about the same strategy. It’s hard to say which drive I like best. I of course like Plextor a lot since I’m the moderator for this forum and I’ve known Plextor to be very helpful and quick with reply’s. I can’t say the same for Lite-On, but of course our Lite-On forum is a great place for information and help. I have no experience with Yamaha’s support. Hope this information helps you a little Glasseye. Good luck!


Your post was indeed very helpful, and appreciated.

Owning all 3 must be nice ;). Would save me a lot of grief in having to choose :bigsmile:

All three drives seem to have a small weakness in one area or another. From your experience, all seem well built. I’m sure any one of these drives would fit my needs. What are your your impressions of the total package for each drive… not just the drive itself, but the accompanying material, support, everything?