TOR needs a few good hackers

“Students: get paid to hack TOR this summer!

EFF is recruiting student programmers to do paid work on the onion router (TOR) this summer – this is a technology for anonymizing Internet connections. It’s intended for use by people living in surveillance societies like China, Syria, and the average American high-school.”

Supplementary Information:

Tor is a networking structure of virtual tunnels that directs all of your traffic through a multitude of encrypted links (known as “onion routers”).

I used TOR myself in China to get onto a few news sites, and Wikipedia :iagree:
Slow, but very useful when you have no other option.

Well worth volunteering for that if you have the skills (which sadly I don’t)

Lol, sounds good until china (or other monopolizing government) blocks the TOR network access hubs :wink: