TOPY Mini Writer offers 500MB storage in a small package

I just posted the article TOPY Mini Writer offers 500MB storage in a small package.

 Advanced  Media, Inc., a subsidiary of Ritek Corporation, announced recently that the TOPY Mini Writer is now available  in the US.  We had a chance to view this product during the CES...
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Interesting, but I think I’ll wait for the 1 gig version.

Looks cute! Look at the size: Confusing and sparse information on both Ritek’s site and DataPlay’s site doesn’t help sell the format. Transfer rates, seek times, cost…? Rewiew? Ritek and Dataplay’s site make it sound like a toy. They leave you with more questions than answers. List the transfer rates, at least. The only thing I see mentioned is 10MB/s burst here: But burst isn’t what we want. That page is also filled with confusing ‘350MB per side’ storage capacity. That would mean 700MB max? It seems like its a write-once medium so very very boring and unlikely to challenge flash at this stage.

You could just buy a sony hi-md player to store 1gb on… You can get the discs, and even though everyone says MD is on its way out, dataplay never really got there in the first place! :+

I’m still waiting for a solution that truly replaces the floppy disc. :frowning: …And no, CD/DVD is not it since it is not writeable under DOS and Zip drives were too expensive when they came out and are simply outdated now. Hmm, a (internal) card reader that has DOS drivers would actually be enough, but I guess that would be too simple. :r

I think usb thumb sticks has replaced stiffys,there bootable,cheap and hold a moderate amount of data,and just about every body these days has a usb slot.:B

yeh, the thing is they’re expensive for just a data drive (rather have DVD-RAM) and slooowwww. Robust media & small size tho.

well, this would be useful if the discs were relatively cheap like CD-R’s or DVD-RW’s. Also, if mp3 players were to come out that accecpted these discs. That would give Hi-MD a run for its money (as if they are really competiting right now anyways)

damn qute though =)

all i can say here is too little too late i sounded promising when it was first released but now it is just too little storage since portable hard drives now cost less and the fact that laptops now can have dvd-ram compatible drives