Topology information missing

i was following the directions in the securom 4.8+ copy guide ( it read the image fine i think, but when i go to write i get the error ‘Topology to be reproduced with Twinpeak, but Topology informationmissing. Write aborted.’ any idea how i can fix this? the .bwa is in the same place as the image i made, and has the same name, so i dont think thats the problem.

Welcome outlaw,

you got choose your BWA using the Tweaker! It’s not like in version where the BWA file has to be in the same folder using the image name so BlindWrite will use it automaticly.

…Go to Topology settings and choose your BWA file…

p.s. read the guide again it’s mentioned in text, good luck.

well, i went to try that…and now, when i click the run blindwrite button blindwrite doesnt start. this just isnt my day i guess :frowning:

Maybe an update to newest BlindWrite I [/I]and BW5Tweaker I[/I] version will solve your problem.

yea, it works now. thanks for the help.

Good news, you’re welcome.