Topology extraction prob



Hi, I have a plexwriter premium and a lg dvd writer. Everything always ran fined, I extract my own topology with a quality of 98-99-100%, every backup I do work fine, etc… but then, suddently, some of my backup stop working. I check them, no scratch… So I try the original, work. I said to myself “let’s make a new one and check”. I copy the cd then began topo extraction and here is what happening: 0% quality (see picture). Can someone tell me what’s going on? I’ve got thing worst with my lg dvd rom. I think it’s a board problem cause it’s started with the new motherboard/cpu (I’ve switch from athlon XP to Sempron, my other mobo fried).

Someone know what’s the prob?


Do you have any StarForce games installed?
StarForce drivers have been known to distrupt the ability to extract topology.


Same trouble here.
Starforce drivers uninstalled: same trouble :frowning:
I try to use old bwa builder (from v4) and it’s all OK!
I think it’s an speed extraction trouble…Using version 4 BWA builder i can change extraction speed (8X for examples) and it’s all OK, no more breaks (like upper shapshot)


Hmm… the problem is that I use bb5 before and it worked great… I shall try with bb4 then, you know where I can get bwabuilder 4?

BTW, I don’t have any starforce game installed. To be honest, I don’t have any game installed, I just formated… But I don’t think it’s a bwabuilder prob cause I’m having problem reading my old backup… I did a backup of empire earth 2 which work great, but with my new mobo and cpu, it doesn’t read it. So I think it’s more of a cpu/mobo prob.