Topology extraction failed?


I just start using BW, trial version.
On Diablo 2 expansion set, a B5I file was generated, but I got the following log:

21/11/03 22:19:23 warning Topology extraction failed
21/11/03 22:19:23 error Topology: Exception Message Operation aborted
21/11/03 22:19:23 info Topology: x8 Read required, x8 selected
21/11/03 22:19:23 info Topology extraction started
21/11/03 22:19:20 info Extraction successful in 08:45
21/11/03 22:10:38 info Free Space on destination path 2.54 Gb.
21/11/03 22:10:38 info Reading CD-ROM Disc [EXPANSION] - Image Size 715 Mb.
21/11/03 22:10:38 info Read data with subcodes PW for track 1
21/11/03 22:10:34 info Reading device : 1:0:0 - PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W1610A 1.02 [I] (Scsi)
21/11/03 22:10:34 info Extraction started
21/11/03 22:10:11 info Using Patin-Couffin driver Version Version 1.15.0, Internal revision 15
21/11/03 22:10:11 info Autoplay driver active. Version 1

What does it mean exactly ?
Thanks for helping.

are u sure that it is the latest bw?
because it is suppost to be Patin-Couffin driver Version 1.16, Internal revision 16 and Autoplay driver active. Version 4.
looks like your version is old or did u modified the log?

Also if you had older verson of blindwrite 4 unistall it. I would unistall all blindwrite version that you have and then reboot your pc. THen i would go to the directory with blindwrite (c:\program files \ VSO) and i would delete the folders blindwrite and Blindwrite 5. Also if you have pcsetup.exe delete that too . I then would install Blindwrite 5. Then reboot . THen try to backup again.


Also you shouldnt need topology for Lords of Destruction, it is SecuRom 4.74. Meaning you can hit skip button and then go to writing it and it should work.

I just downloaded BW5 from today, pretty sure I have the right version.

I did exactly what you said:

Uninstall BW5
Delete entire VSO folder
Reinstall BW5

PCsetup.exe still say: Driver version is 15

I remember having installed BW 3.xx some time ago, and I believe removal did not go well, is it possible there is an old driver somewhere on my PC ?

Where is located this driver file, so that I can remove it manually, what is its name ?

Thanks for helping

More info: pcsetup.log says I should have 1.16, but pcsetup.exe still says 15 !!!

21/11/03 23:25:14 info ******************** Report session closed *********************
21/11/03 23:25:14 info Driver installed correctly. Reboot is always required under Win9x/WinMe.
21/11/03 23:25:14 info No driver has been found on the system. Trying to install new driver
21/11/03 23:25:14 info Installing patin-couffin driver
21/11/03 23:25:14 info ParamStr 4 = “Please wait while patin-coufin driver is installing…”
21/11/03 23:25:14 info ParamStr 3 = “/install”
21/11/03 23:25:14 info ParamStr 2 = “/installatip”
21/11/03 23:25:14 info ParamStr 1 = “/deletecpl”
21/11/03 23:25:14 info ParamStr 0 = “C:\PROGRAM FILES\VSO\PCSETUP.EXE”
21/11/03 23:25:14 info User default language : 1036 (0x040Ch) - French (Standard)
21/11/03 23:25:14 info System default language : 1036 (0x040Ch) - French (Standard)
21/11/03 23:25:14 info Version
21/11/03 23:25:14 info Title : Patin-couffin setup
21/11/03 23:25:14 info ExeName : “C:\PROGRAM FILES\VSO\PCSETUP.EXE”
21/11/03 23:25:14 info OS : Microsoft Windows 98 SE

must be your window maybe.
i think v 16 is for xp/nt/2000 etc…

To remove Patin Couffin do the following:

Start->Run then browse to the pcsetup.exe which will put the path in the CLI window. Type a space and add the following “/remove /removeatip” without the inverted commas. Click OK. Reboot.

example ( “C:\Program Files\VSO\PcSetup.exe” /remove )

then I would search for those files below.

Deletes the files:


from C:\windows\system\iosubsys

(going in registry is very dangerous and backup it if you do it )

Deletes the registry entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\VSO\Patin Couffin (Patin Couffin is removed)

Also you can search your drive for


those are the files . you might have to show hidden files to find them all . I would just use the pcsetup and have them removed and then go search for the files. It is alot easier that way.


Also blindwrite can be download at

I seen you said another site so I would go to that site and download the trial just to be sure you got the newest version


I redownloaded BW5 from VSO site, removed everything as you said, re-installed, and … still version 15.

Is it a serious problem?

I was able to use BW5 yesterday on NBA Live 2003, backup works well.

Could it be that version 16 does not apply to W98SE ?

Where can I find an explanation of what this topology extraction is ?

On Diablo 2 expansion set, a B5I file was generated, but I got the following log:

What Diablo 2 EXP?
If it is Diablo 2 - Lord Of Destruction then the Topology is not required as it is protected with SecuRom -, when the Topology extraction starts you can just cancel it and write the image.
If it is not Diablo 2 - LOD then you should scan the disc with a protection scanner from this thread to determine the exact protection used.
Once you know the exact protection then post back with the info and a new log.