Well for what it’s worth I finally gave up and exhanged the 411 today for the Pioneer 106.

The FS07 and FS0B made my drive progressively more incompatible.

Without having to explain, the drive was exchanged without them even taking the drive out of the box (which is extremely unusual) they normally test everything before offering the refund.

“They have issues with it” was the only comment.

I must admit the Pioneer was like a breath of fresh air. It writes to the cheapest media I can find at x4 on -R and plays in my XBOX, stand alone and strangely can read back the disk it wrote to!

I think Liteon have shot themselves in the foot a little with this drive rushing it out. My previous experience with their drives was excellent and I went and bought the 411 on the back of the previous performance without reading the usual reviews before parting with my cash.

I’m sure they will sort it out shortly.