Which Plex (ide) would you guy´s recommend if I want a one thats cap. of cuttin CDS 200 and Key2 audio (as any ver.)?I´ve read a lot but to be true theres always several opinions of what plex is capable of doin what. I want to have the possibility to do upper SD and K2A and CDS200 therefore I´ve been thinking of a plex (see above ) and (perhaps) a Lite-on(sorry wrong forum).PLEASE! Your comments would be appriciated!!

Maybe you should change your subject… make it a little more informative, maybe then you get more help.

go with the plex 40x …it can easily cut the SD2 “2.80.010” with discdump and fireburner and any of the audio protections

might have to get one myself!!!

wont see a big difference between the 40 and the 48

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Which plextor will give me the largest possability to cut back-up protected audio discs? I want to do a 1:1 copy or rip them at highest quality(EAC),or should I concern a other burner for audio discs perhaps?

@ wakemonkeypimp: I´m planning on buing a Lite-On to be able to back-up SD2 1:1(though not the latest ones),am I right?

@ Upp3rd0G:hope I have been more informative,and I really would appriciate your help,thanks in advance!

plextor can copy sd2 even sims unleashed…that has the latest sd2 version!!! 2.80.010

how do i know this cause i have a 24x plex and it works even others have reported success…clone needs to update its software too many bugs…

does not matter if you have a 2 or 1 sheep burner…as long as it supports correct efm encoding then it will by pass sd2 with ease with using the correct software like discdump which from what i can tell dumps with a true raw image…

plex 24x and above takes the whole pie and the frige…will never get anything else…

software was the problem for sd2.80.010 where clone got *ucked and these progs picked up the slack!!!

not sweat’n clone or blindwrite but being popular sure has its woes!!!

I´ve dunn some research , but didnt find any discdump.Can you please tell me where??PLEASE?


I ahve 40/12/40 burns anythin :slight_smile:
latest fw-1.02

DiscDump can be downloaded from The DAEMONs Home and explanation can be found here. The Plextor 40X and 48X can both read key2audio with ease. The 48X Plextor drive is of course a faster writer and supports Mount Rainier and ultra-speed re-writing.