okay there is many ways of backing xbox 360 games up … i have searched the web and visited many forums to try and put you guys / gals a rough guide together seeing as i have not seen one here.

one method is called the hotswap method ,this does work but is the hardest to do in my own opinion i have tried this way and it requires patience and a lot of reading untill you know what you are doing this process requires the use of several programs and in some cases dismantling a dvd drive or using a paper clip or likewise to eject the disc without pressing the actual eject button not 100% fool proof but does indeed work . :slight_smile:
for this task you will need a program called wxripper which is free thanks to a guy called gael…you will also need a large feature length movie disc around 8gig or more …

the steps are straight forward you simply insert the dvd movie into your hotswapable drive and open wxripper select the drive from the drop down box once the dvd info or title is displayed in the dvd drop down box select stop drive in the wxripper userface, eject the dvd without using the eject button if you are using a small clip then insert it into the small hole in the front of the drive and remove the disc… if you dismantled your dvd drive simply remove the drive magnet and swap the disc for an xbox 360 game once the game is inserted select spin drive in the ripper
this tricks your pc thinking that the dvd is still inserted … now click on find magic number on wxripper once the number is displayed select start dump …

if running correctly you will see a majority of numbers displayed and begin a counting process…

once this is done you will have created an iso of the xbox360 title as long as you remeber where you have saved it …LOL :bigsmile:

NOW THE HARD PART …you need to connect your 360 upto the pc to get the ss (secrity number)number from the same game which is different on every game title once you have retrieved this using another program you can simply disconnect the 360 or indeed the 360 drive … then merge the ss number with the iso using another program and then burn it to a +r dual layer disc that needs to be booktyped to rom

i can add images if you want but as mentioned this is indeed the hard way :iagree: although images do often help :bigsmile:

for the easy peasy way see here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=198175 im expecting my drive early next week so i will post my findings as soon as :wink: