How do i update CloneCd without having to BUY it?

you don’t, if you use it buy it, if it’s good enough for you to use then you need to support them and quit attempting to “steal” it. Pay the money and get your updates like everyone else.

d-load it, install it, use it until the trial-period is over.
when your trial is expired and you need / want to use it: buy it!

@ asamd,

Please post your Name, Address, Social Security Number, and Phone Number.

After posting this information Olli will contact you shortly and provide you with his personnel CloneDVD Registration Key that will never be blacklisted and will allow life time unlimited use of CloneDVD.

In the past Olli has been gracious and has provided his personnel CloneDVD Registration Key to Forum member just like you who have asked how to acquire a CloneDVD Registration Key with out purchasing one. He is a great guy and doesn’t have any problems in giving away free CloneDVD Registrations Key to anyone who asks for one.

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