The new drive from LG is a little bit dissapointment.
Yes it has 8+DL and 4-DL and faster CD speeds and Lightscribe.
BUT only 5x RAM. I’ll pass this one and I will wait for the next
8+DL, 8-DL, 16XRAM.
After all DL media’s are too expensive and hard to find and from a few
manufacturers. At the time they will spread, HD-DVD and or Blue Ray
will hit the market…


The official name is Blu-ray. LG has Blu-ray products as well. Sony’s Blu-ray products were announced sooner but LG’s offerings will prove to be far more attractive to the mass in terms of both cost and features. :slight_smile:


Yea, I was happy at first about the new drive, but I really would have liked to see 16x -RAM. Wish I knew if it were coming somewhat soon so I’d know what to buy.


I only hope it won’t be another vaporware, or empty press release.


What do you think…buy one or hold out?


I think that I will wait until I can see a review – or even then, pass on it.

I’m not pleased about the Ram speed either.


Well, I have a 4160 and the 8x DVD+RW of the 4163 would be temping [i]if[/] the media was actually available. Likewise until DL and Lightscribe media is actually available and at reasonable prices the hardware is not serving any purpose but to hopefully spur media manufacturers with the promise of higher margins (for awhile at least). Gimme 16x DVD-RAM and 8x DVD+RW in hardware and a reasonable supply of media and I will bite but I have little faith in reasonable DL prices before the successor formats arrive and while Lightscribe is nifty I don’t know that I would pay much more for such media.



I think that 16X DVD-RAM and 8X DVD+RW would be wonderful. You would never have to buy many discs with a few packs of these. I never bought any DL media either because of the high prices.


LG GSA 4165B,

picture and stats info:http://www.cdrlabs.com/#1


Sorry,I just discovered that chas0039 has already posted this info in this other thread here:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=130421


it would be nice2make gsa-4165 from gsa-4163…#)
if so we can all waiting4 firmware upgrades4 other drives with
add LightScribe support…
we all soldiers on the world digital war…


upgrade form 4163 to 4165 can be possible becouse 4163 is a model with new chipset, new laser…so design it for one model is unprofitable.


I think that because the 4165 is Lightscribe-enabled, it might have a different laser from the 4163, so it may not be possible to turn the 4163 into a 4165 just by upgrading the firmware.


I also saw GSA-5167D at CeBIT - external version.


What were the specs on that one?


It will probably be a while before any of that information is released to us.


Slightly hard to read the text…


Thanks ajz…still not seeing 16x -RAM which is very dissapointing.


Here are the specs, translated. They left off RAM, but I don’t thing there is any change.

In engraves records in the performance these two section products supports 16x reads in DVD+R/-R, 8x covers writes DVD+RW, 6x covers writes DVD-RW, 8x reads in DVD+R DL, 4x reads in DVD-R DL, 48x reads in CD-R, 32x covers writes CD-RW. In addition in reads takes in the performance supports 16x DVD-ROM, 48x reads takes CD-ROM. Has the 2m buffer.

At present these two section products plan in April ahead of time went on the market in Germany, its GSA-416C5b selling price approximately was 99 euros, the GSA-516C5d selling price is 199 euros, but SATA connection DVD engraved record machine LG also announces said the third quarter promotes in 2005.
These guys in Germany are already advertising it:
Product name

DRIVE ASSEMBLIES Dvd rw & DVD+RW combination LG ELECTRONICS M4165b-b BULK LIGHTSCRIBE 16x8x12xDVD+RW 16x6x8xDVD-RWDL8x, RAM5x, 48x32x48x16x, M4165b-b


thanks for the picture.