Top Tip for the guys: Don't be cheap



Found this at work today while reading through a bunch of boring management type publications. :rolleyes:
Comes from “Human Resources Compliance Insider”. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty dry publication, but this is a gem :iagree: It was voted “HR case of the year 2006” :clap:

I hope you can read it - the moral of the story: don’t be cheap :bigsmile:

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This chap wasn’t the brightest candle in the church was he - I mean - after all - [I]paying[/I] for it - then doing the deed at work - then not paying for it - geez - how stupid - he deserved to be fired-eh!


What a numpty! This guy is ‘cheap’ on brains, that’s for sure! The higher up the ladder one goes, the bigger the ‘moral turpitude’ clause becomes, to the point of the mere appearance of an impropriety can be ‘just cause’ for termination. I’m certain any kind of ‘omission of fact’ or ‘falsification’ would be standard on most contracts today (any ones I’ve signed had all those terms or language in there). It makes me question how the guy even got to the rank of VP in the first place, if he thought he could lie to cover it up despite the prostitute’s appearance, corroborated messages, investigations, and videotape. At least one oaf got ‘canned’ for the right reasons. :cop: :clap:

To extend bigmike’s metaphor, this guy’s candle got blown out! :stuck_out_tongue:


Had he not lied about it the case might have turned out different, then the judgement on “dishonesty and untrustworthiness” would not have been ruled…

The case may be very well dependent on the actual facts and circumstances (taking into account prior behaviour/incidents)…a different court may rule differently…


Reminds me of the story, “How do you make a [I]hormone[/I]…?”



@deanimator - Classic old joke… groan (not moan)

What I liked about the case was that there were just so many ways for the guy not to get fired, but he managed to avoid all of them.
If he wanted to go on a bender and pick up hookers, he could easily have gone somewhere else in the first place, then he could have just paid her, then he could have come clean with his boss and said he made a mistake / was under pressure / needed counselling etc.
It’s just a long, long list of stupidity. Plus, he was the bank VP and must have known that they had security cameras running :doh:

It’s pretty hard to get fired in Canada - about 95% of the court cases I read about rule in favour of the employee.


Same here in Germany…
I´ve just finished an afternoon training session with the Human Resources manager of a German company…we spent a good half hour discussing your man´s case. Excellent material…thanks for that. I have another session with this woman tomorrow morning, so if you have any more…


@deanimator - are you serious, or just joking with me??? :confused:
If you actually want me to scan more of “HR compliance Insider”, I can certainly email it to you - but you may not stay awake though it :slight_smile: LOL!
PM me if you do.

The company I work for tend not to fire anyone - they are just resigned to giving the person a package and “downsizing” them. In the US I think it’s much easier to get fired as you tend to have to sign quite agressive employment contracts with big corporations - which probably wouldn’t stand up in a Canadian court.


Serious? Yes ma’am…

But I think that´ll be all for now…we´ve got quite enough other stuff to deal with…and I wouldn´t want to put you to any further trouble on this occassion.

Thank you all the same, and once again thanks for the tip…if I understood correctly I should just pay the woman in future without argument, right?

<[insert]forelock tugging smiley thingy[insert dammit]>


another tip for the gent…don’t pick up a loudmouth…smartass hooker…get the dumb one…:wink:


Is that why you want me to pick you?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist :bigsmile:


Or don’t get hookers at all!
Make an effort & meet someone nice :iagree:


Yo Tax-

I would certainly advise you to duck and run after that one-eh!


Ouch! Naughty Taxman!


Someone that stupid would surely struggle to meet someone nice… especially if he was that cheap on a real date :iagree:


Aye … once you are promoted to management, you IQ plummets like a bowling ball in free-fall :wink:


I can’t actually argue with that. Good point, well made. :slight_smile:


maybe your reading skills are lacking i said
loudmouth…smartass hooker

yes i’m a loud mouth :iagree:
and yes i’m a smartass :iagree:
but NO i’m no hooker :disagree:


Found this at work today while reading through a bunch of boring management type publications.

When I’m bored, I play B.S. Bingo.

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