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So far I’ve been using nero to encode and author my DVDs. But I found out recently that nero doesn’t support subtitles, which sucks. So I’ve been searching around for the best all-in-one type app like nero that has good subtitle support.
I just tried ConvertXtoDVD, but the subtitles look horrible and it messes with the aspect ratios of my movies for some reason (no matter what i put my settings to). So what are my other options? I’ve heard DVDLab was alright, and CCE ($2k, outch). What’s the best alternative to nero?

I assume you are starting out with an avi file but these will work just as well with an mpeg4 file. I use TMPGenc Xpress, which will hard-code subtitles and create an mpeg4 file (or other chosen format), in conjunction with TMPGenc DVD Author. I f you dont want the subs hard-coded, you can create the mpeg4 file first with TMPGenc Xpress then add subtitles with TMPGenc DVD Author or better still with Mediachance DVD Lab Pro. All programs are easy to use and won’t alter the aspect ratio.

FAVC is free and has subtitle support. It can use the HC encoder which is superior to that of ConvertX or Nero (in my opinion) and at least equal to TMPGenc.

It may or may not have enough controls on menu creation for you though. It has nowhere near the capabilities of DVDLab in this.

Since it is free to download and use, it costs nothing but a little time to try out.

I work with a lot of file types, .avi .mkv .ogm .mp4, etc… So something with a lot of codec/container versatility is a must.
Usually I keep my DVD menus pretty simple, not a lot of animation or video previews or anything like that, so I don’t need anything that’s really tech.
I hate hardsubs, but I’ll give TMPGenc a chance… if I don’t like it I’ll give FAVC a whirl… if all else fails I suppose I’ll try DVDLab Pro

[QUOTE=TheChunks;2133523]I work with a lot of file types, .avi .mkv .ogm .mp4, etc… [/QUOTE]

TMPGenc doesn’t handle .mkv files - you will have to convert to .avi. I’m not sure about .ogm

I don’t think FAVC will handle .mkv either, at least not directly. You might have to use AviSynth and make an .avs file as input.

If you aren’t familiar with making AviSynth scripts, there is a gui you might use, called AvsP 2.0.