Top motivator for buying a PS3 is still Blu-ray



I just posted the article Top motivator for buying a PS3 is still Blu-ray.

Blu-ray is the most common factor people consider when buying a Playstation 3, according to new market research from Nielsen.

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I bought mine a few years back because it had bluray, and at the time is was similar in price to a bluray player.

I’d imagine now that theres 100 dollar bluray players, people have the choice to buy a 360 and a bluray player for the same price as a ps3.

I didn’t start playing games on my ps3 until much later on. But the nice thing about the ps3 is it includes online gaming, wireless networking, bluray, and a decent sized hard drive. So if you’re looking an xbox elite or a ps3, hardware wise, the ps3 is more bang for your buck.


the Nielsen survey was for GAMERS only, and so the results are only relevant to gamers. Gamers are looking for a game platform that also plays BD movies.

So this title is pretty misleading.