Top Hollywood studios choose China for OEM movie disc orders

I just posted the article Top Hollywood studios choose China for OEM movie disc orders.

While China’s pre-recorded disc makers may be well known for piracy, they are also just become a major source of pre-recorded discs for Hollywood studios when it comes to OEM…

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Hardly anyone posting new stories… Hardly anyone posting reactions… Is it my imagination, or is this site practically dead? :r

Ever since the new site launch, things have become much harder to navigate, and therefore I for one, spend much less time visiting and posting here. I think I’m averaging about 2 visits per week roughly. As for this news post, I’m not sure how much it matters, since most Hollywood movies actually are manufactured in the USA and Canada, and NOT Taiwan or China… it’s only movies destined for asia are made in Taiwan or China as far as I’m aware.

how is it harder to navigate?

I guess we all just got used to it how it was, and the change is… well, lets put it this way the site feels like one big multicolour ad nowadays. Having 1/2 page clickthroughs at the bottom of the page is just pure gorgonzola cheese and stinks of commercialism. The colour scheme is revolting. Where is latest posts and latest reactions. most recent reviews. All the stuff we had on the sidebar. Gone. Replaced with …no…really?.. yes, adverts!!! :frowning: It’s not difficult to navigate, but the old layout was more cosy, friendly, and a damn sight easier. The big sell-out. Sad. :c

Yeah, I agree. For me, the new layout, instead of encouraging more visits to the site, does the opposite. It’s really hard on the eye and I really don’t like it at all. :c

Yep I hate the new site layout too, I hardly bother reading the frontpage anymore!

Add me to the list of those visiting less and less frequently. The new site sucks.

:X And here i thought i was the only one that feels that the NEW look to cdfreaks is not HAPPENING for me. I too visit this site less frequently now and i’m sadden by this.