Top Gear: The Fastest Stupid Car Ever

How many crazy people is there in this world?


I deem this thread worthy!

The clip is actually from one of Clarkson’s DVD’s (I forget which one) and not Top Gear. My favorite part is when the shed goes off-road during the race and you can’t see it’s wheels.

Very funny clip! :slight_smile:

Too bad - I would have liked to see the discussion about which (if any) of the stupid cars deserves a place on the Cool Wall.

Top Gear is brilliant BTW - it’s the only program on BBC Prime that I watch every week.

You need one of these

(but opt for the wing)

My bank and insurance company say: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

If The Stig can’t keep this monster on the road, how long would any of us be able to stay alive in that car? :eek:

Thats why you should opt for the wing :smiley:

any of u guys seen where they play footie with the Toyota Aygo’s now that would be brilliant or the Top Gear winter olympics sending a mini cooper down a ski ramp on skies with jets straped to it pure brilliance :slight_smile:

I saw the winter olympics episode and it was absolutely brilliant. :iagree:
I still have it on my HDD/DVD recorder pending a transfer to DVD.

The other one I don’t think I have seen.

Rather crappy compared to Jame T Kirks Vehicle.
Lets see … A whole bunch of servants … a huge widescreen TV … Lasers … remote controls &A Reclining Single Seat -> no sharing with annoying other people elbows protruding or popcorn falling down the back of the seat :stuck_out_tongue:

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