Top exec for screen actors guild under fire resides on Netflix board

I just posted the article Top exec for screen actors guild under fire resides on Netflix board.

Pisano, the Screen Actors Guild national executive director and CEO,
retained Bert Fields to defend himself from being removed from his position,
which happens to pay $1.3…

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So , he’s a me, myself and I type of guy.:S

IMHO any person who is part of a group/guild/union that represents a group, then also works/consults/owns stock in a company that directly profits from the group he represents IS a conflict of interest. When the union makes decisions about salaries, distribution, etc it can affect Netflix’s ability to sell and profit so that person would more than likely vote towards the company. While I wasn’t at the trial/review that decided if this was a conflict or not, but I fail to see how this isn’t a conflict of interest. And on that tangent… the Dick Chaney/Haliburton conflict of interest is one of the worst examples of conflict of interest that goes unpunished. I haven’t heard of something so bad since the USDA board was found to work for or own stock in meat companies. Corruption, corruption, corruption. It’s a crime that needs to be not just punished, but also prevented in the first place.
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