Top 5 optical drives (July - September 2007) Cast your vote now

Hello everyone
It’s time again to vote for your favourite drives which will appear on the CD Freaks Frontpage Devices Top 5

This time we have tried to only include current drive models. We have also for the first time, included some Blu-ray drives.

You can vote for as many drives as you wish. We would also like to hear your reasons for voting for your selected drives.

The poll will be open for 2 weeks and will close on the 17th of July.

Also remember that casting your vote will help others in their purchasing decision. Let’s make sure nobody buys a bad drive anymore.

I voted for the Optiarc AD-7173A and the Pioneer DVR-112 because i like the writing quality and features of these writers.

I voted for LG GBW-H10N Blu-ray because it burns full BD-R media in 25mins at 4x. It also burns DVD+R/-R at 12x P-CAV in under 6mins with very nice quality. :slight_smile:

None of the above :wink:

Still the Sammy SH-S182D for me - good all-rounder. Not the fastest reader on the list, but it sure is good with dodgy discs. :slight_smile:

Why is the BenQ DW1800 on the list but not the Lite-On LH-18A1P?

DW1800 and DW2000 for me.

Very reasonably priced for what it does. Not the write quality but every disc (100+) has worked perfectly.

I voted for all the LG burners as I own all of them and personally have never made a coaster with any of them. I do not put a lot of faith in scanning but like to play and yes the scans are poor on some LG drives but all my backups play flawlessly! :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Interesting that I’ve voted for all the drives I have apart from the NEC 7170S.
While acceptable with Liggy & Dees’ f/w :bow: . It still is at the bottom of my list.
BenQ/Lite-On have improved marginally& as they’re all you’re going to get scanner wise. Have had to get my vote.
But for me the drives that stand out are Pioneer & Samsung.
The Pioneer 212 & Samsung 203 in particular.
I wonder if having a ‘Series’ rather than each model as it could end up with one drive(series) dominating the top 5.
Also can I suggest considering splitting SATA from IDE.
Many users are now asking for SATA comparisons only.

Cast your votes fellows :slight_smile:

Pioneer DVR-112D. Undoubtedly.

I voted for the LG H42N, I probably would have voted for the Samsung 203 SATA but I do not have access to one, but from what I have heard its going to be the next BenQ 1640 or better.:iagree:

Sammy SH-S182M for me, (as a third drive,) my 1640 and 801A are still working great. :slight_smile:

[B]Samsung SH-S203B[/B] for high speed burn and still retain good quality

This poll is nonsense, we need a complete test & compare of all those drives…
people are voting what they use, this makes this list useless

Not so.

Whilst people vote for what they use , it’s because they’re satisfied with their performance and real life experience is just as valid as , say , Dee-27 testing them all & comparing results.

Most of these drives have already been tested by CDF in reviews and are there for anyone who cares to take the trouble to look. :wink:

Not only that, but many of us have more than one of these drives and vote for the best. In any case, this can never be a scientific poll because we will always be drawing from a non-representative sample.

My current two choices are LG and Pioneer, as either on will do a very good job on Verbatim MCC 03RG20.

Well I just bought a Pioneer DVR-112D because of this poll and doing a little research on here!!! I will post up some results soon!

My vote got the LH-20A1P. I still love that drive :wink:

I voted for the three drives I have, LH-20A1P, LH-20A1H and Pioneer DVR-112.
I’m happy with all of them. :smiley: