Top 3 DVD-R media?

What’s everybody’s Top 3 list on quality and compatibility? Once I got a list of three good ones from the experts here, I’ll do my own tests at home with samples from each.

I have new Pioneer DVR-106/A06 4x burner and would use 4x media.


  1. TYG01
  2. MXL R01 and MXL R02
  3. RITEKG04

I would put MCC-002 in the 3 spot, not because of better quality, but because of consistancy.

1: TYG01
2: MXL RG02
3: Unsure, but it’s one of these: BeALL, Ritek or Mitsubishi…

It’s difficult to find a TY here in US. (or maybe i don’t know where.) But my TDKG02 have been very good for me. At least with my 1300A.

Even better than RITEKG04 i have.

Ty and Maxell are both available via mail order, so that’s good enough for me. Thanks for the responses so far.


If you are in the US, you can get TY DVD -R disks at Best Buy under the Fuji brand. Look for 10 packs made in Japan.

The 4x -R Maxells are available at Walmart now. Maxell brand 10 packs made in Japan. Just got some the other day, but haven’t used one yet


So are you saying that fuji is ty as far as in the u.s. is concerned.



Originally posted by debaser

So are you saying that fuji is ty as far as in the u.s. is concerned.


matt [/B]

No, what he said is:

Look for 10 packs made in Japan.

but fuji has the distribution rights then?

but its not fuji brand itself (aka the blue package etc…



No, what rdgrimes and I have been trying to get across is the fact that all Fuji dvd’s are NOT Taiyo Yuden. Fuji doesn’t have distribution rights to the TY disks, they’ve just picked TY to be a source for some of their sales.

The only Fuji dvd’s that are known to be TY are the -R 4x disks sold in packs of ten, in jewel cases, and made in Japan.

The major brands don’t get their disks from the same suppliers, so if you buy Fuji +R disks, you may get Ricoh or Prodisk or CMC Magnetics. If you buy Fuji -R disks in a spindle, you may get disks from these Taiwanese sources also.

Does that clear it up?