Top 10 of how to lead "GEEKS"

Well found this quite good 1-10 steps to lead “geeks”.
There are always one ore more of them at the place you work.
They are much smarter then you, and all know that just a few more of those
geeks at the company you work at and you`ll lose your job. So you better be a “GEEK” yourself :wink:

You boss should know that if he don`t treat the geeks nicely, the geek will find a new and better job somewhere else. So please do follow these 10 steps to how to lead you geeks :bigsmile:

How to lead the “GEEKS”

I always thought a geek was a circus performer that’d eat any damn thing.

Geeks, Nerds, Freaks … I always thought that it was FreakShows at the circus , and not GeekShows :wink: