Top 10 Internal Hard Drives

Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes. So read it for what its worth.,123680/article.html

Side by Side comparison

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Yay! My new(est) drive comes in second :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see a Sammy making an impact.

Wow ! I am extremely surprised to see the deskstars int he TOP 10…As to Seagate, seems that since they purchased Maxtor they have been going down hill, like Maxtor and you see a lot of defective drives - A distributor once told me they have as much as a 50-70% return rate on these drives, I have 2 baracudas 320GB I haven’t used yet, I hope they are not as bad as claimed to be :smiley:

Yep. And the Hitachi Deskstars. :slight_smile:

if you get seagate from singapore you will be fine. if you have one from China (ex-maxtor factory) you better pray

Too little, too late. God already hates you, and Jesus won’t be saving you, because he’s on holiday.

YaY, your drive will fail soonest among those top 10. Samsung is fast but not reliable

wow, dominates by WD and Hitachi. Seagate only shows up once in that chart and it is the last drive on that chart. I read all my reviews from anandtech, neoseekers, xbitlabs, xtrememhz, and other hardcore hardware reviewers and I trust them more than those PC mags

I saw they were reviewing printers and my Canon come in first place, I happened to own that Canon printer and it is a POS. Print only 2 - 3 essays a year and I have to spend $60 each year for ink just to print 20 pages. Ink get dried up so fast and paper jammed all the time. And of course I found a few pages after the review, bunch of Canon printer advertisement

it is also good to see WD making a come back.
Good thing for those IBM deskstar, Hitachi is changing the image for those deathstars

Folks, Reviews only shows the speed and performance, it does not entail reliable issues since they are not testing it for years to see which one is the last man standing. So take other things into consideration, read user reviews as well. Seagate is going cheap by manufacturing in China and thus they are hitting the rock bottom

I don’t care who the reviewers are, everything should be taken with a little skepticism. It’s always good to have multiple opinions in anything that you are considering to purchase.

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I have to be honest, I would not trust anything that originates with PC World.

[QUOTE=nathanll;1928372]I have to be honest, I would not trust anything that originates with PC World.[/QUOTE]

I think it’s a different PCW :slight_smile:

I have been running Segates for several years with no probs.

[QUOTE=bluestreak;1928754]I have been running Segates for several years with no probs.[/QUOTE]

same here :wink: … majority of my hdd’s i own are seagates and not one has failed to date.

i only have ever owned 1 WD hdd and i got it in march 2006… so far, so good :wink:

i have one maxtor hard drive to i bought back in i think 2000 for about 300 dollars :frowning: and it was a 80GB hdd. at the time it was a huge hard drive… it’s still working to this day. (i got it in my xbox 1 console now but it was originally in my pc’s until aug 2004 when i moded my xbox1 system)

i only had 1 hard drive ever die on me and it was a IBM 40GB hdd.