Top 10 CD-RW according to PC World

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Source: PC World

Who says you can’t have it all? Ricoh’s combo drive, the $349 MediaMaster MP9120A, adds 8X DVD playback to top-tier 12X/10X/32X CD-RW performance. Well-priced drives from…

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hey… this isn’t the magazine - Personal Computer World (I read that and it aint in there) so this must be, it can’t be, PC World superstore!?! They sell absolute crap, their opinion is worth nothing… they defragment your PC for £30… they sell you Packard Bell PCs… need i go on!

PC World and ( are published by PC World Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of International Data Group, the world’s leading IT media, research and exposition company.

PC World:

PC World is the world’s largest computer magazine with a circulation rate base of 1.25 million. The winner of more editorial awards than any other computer publication, including two Grand Neal Awards from American Business Media, PC World is targeted to meet the informational needs of PC-proficient managers, both at work and at home. With its monthly Top 100 product rankings, news, how-to articles, features, and special reports, PC World helps managers plan what to buy, where to buy, and how to use the technologies that keep them and their companies ahead of the competition.

you’re pretty dumb, 1. jk

I don`t like to swear for anything.

What the fuck do PC World know about computers?

Phoned up about a power lead for a computer to monitor, yeah got those in no probs. Great can you hold one for me, yeah sure Sir no probs. Drive 30 miles to my nearest store. Wrong bloody leads.

I can`t type this as the only word that springs to mind is


OK - lets get this into context! PC World in the UK is a load of bollox and is the worst place in the world to buy anything computer realted (hell they dont even sell empty computer cases - and what computer shop doesn’t???) is an american site/magazine who do acctually know a thing or two when it comes to computers…

PC World (UK) take note! Get trained monkeys to work in your shops rather than the people who think they can use computers all because they know how to install a game off a CD!!!