Tools to normalize audio files?



I searched back a few pages before posting this thread, so sorry if it was back further than that. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with audio files, this is actually for the boss. I used to use MP3Gain & I seem to remember doing something with AACGain to I believe normalize all our audio files. What I am wondering is, is this tool still okay or is there something else? If MP3Gain with AAC is still good, could somebody give me a quick refresher on how to set it up? It has to be user friendly because I am hoping to hand over the ongoing task to the boss.


I haven´t had to try this myself but suspect I may need to as well as I also do various audio projects for the boss…and the wav. files are created by different individuals meaning the levels they are recorded at are all over the place…

…if that´s the same as your problem…

I would try with Burrrn…check the “ReplayGain” box at the bottom left. I think that should do it.


Not sure how exactly you would like to normalize your audio files, but perhaps this guide using Audacity might be useful… I use Audacity often but normally only change dBs of different MP3s so they all play at the same volume level from my Motorola Q9C.

Hope it helps… look a few sections down.
Audacity Tutorial


Thanks for the replies, I am going to look into both. BTW I did find out what to do with mp3gain, which the boss is actually familiar with. I just have to download mp3gain & aacgain.exe, install mp3gain, rename the aacgain.exe to mp3gain.exe & copy it into the mp3gain folder to replace the mp3gain.exe. Again thank you. This is the MP3Gain start window.