Tools of the shave

Pick your weapon!

gilette for the very best …

Hah! But WHY do you use Gilette? I use it so far because it cost me nothing, Gilette gave me that flashy heavy metal razor. But I am hooked so I’ll use it in the future too I think.

I also have an electrical which, as you all know, is good to have after those days (or weeks) when you grow up a beard of terror without noticing it. Shaving long beard with razor = pain. Electric razor = whirring delight :slight_smile:

i tried also wilkinson protector 3d and so on, but the gilette is the best for shaving patterns in the beard.
electric ones make a bad feeling in the hand and it´s not possible to shave patterns (i hope patterns is the correct word)

Gillette Mach 3 turbo all the way… shaving was never that easy :smiley:

Single bladed Bic disposable. It doesn’t need to be complicated. :smiley:

Gilette Mach 3 Turbo; the only thing that doesn’t get blunt within a week :slight_smile:
Although I might wanna try Wilkinson’s new “Quatro” (but somehow I think 4 blades are simply overkill :))

Braun Electric for beard and mustache and pubs. Mmmmm… shit, it’s jammed.

Gilette Mach 3 Turbo this day , Gilette Mach 3 the other day , cheap-ass razor when i feel like cutting myself to pieces and a Philishave when i have about 30 seconds left to catch my train.

Ive got the new cross-bread between electric shavers and non-electric! Behold! The Gillete M3 Power

Eeeeh okay… What does it do? :wink:

It gives your face a masturbate session that erects the hair, then the blades come in and chop them off.

Well said. :smiley:

I pick Gilette but i like the regular not the turbo

Gilette Mach 3 Turbo for me.

I can throw my Mach 3 Turbo blade out of the window after a week.

Namoh has very hard beardhair (or how do you call that :confused: ) :frowning: :a , still saving money for an electric surgery after which you never have to shave anymore.

Maybe that Wilkinson Quattro isn’t overkill for me, should try it soon.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue: