Tools for ClonyXXL



In ClonyXXL there is a tab called Extras.
When you select this Tab you see a list with:
Tool 1
Tool 2
Tool 3
Delete Tools
CD Log

Now are my questions:
1. What are these Tools and Special,
2. What are the doing,
3. Where can I found them?


It’s up to you to specify what tools you want to have there.
Basically, it’s just a placeholder for 3 shorcuts. You have to select the progs on your HD.


So there is no use of this buttons!
Why are they in then?
Where is the button Specials used for?


The “special” option is a sector reader. It displays cd content in hexadecimal view



For a nice edited version which includes a compilation of help faq’s on burning gathered from guys who have submitted to cdfreaks. Also includes latest Aspi built into setup file…


Hi Gowap how you doing? :bow: :bow: :bow:


Hi Gowap how you doing? :bow: :bow: :bow:

Fine, thanks. It’s vacation time, hope there will be no new Clony release to translate into french in the next weeks.

Keep going the good job with your english version of clony. It brings a great added value (nice help file).