Tool to test the bittsetting of a burned dvd

Hello; I use Nero Burning Rom for Burning DVDs. Somtimes Nero allows me to set the bitsetting for the dics. After I burned it I want to check if the bit was really set correctly
I sthere a good software around that can check that form. I tried the cd/dvd infotool that comes with nero. But when I put the bunred disc it in my dvd-rom drive infotool says its a dvd-rom . When I put the same disc into my ned 3500ag bruner infotool says its a dvd+r (under tab “Disc” at “type”)

The latest version of Nero CD-DVD Speed should do fine.

The Disc Info dialog will tell you both the disc type and the booktype.

The latest version of DVD Identifier should work, too.

Agreed, if the bitsetting worked, it will say something like DVD+R (Booktype DVD-ROM), but if it did not work then it will just say DVD+R.