Tool to show detailed license information?



I’m running Windows 8.0 Pro and I’m curious what exactly is the type of license I have. ?

License was purchased from a third party UK retailer digitally. At first I believed it was a OEM license, but this can’t be right since it was digitally distributed and wasn’t sold with hardware.

I’m also unable to update to 8.1 Pro. Used the store but I get an error saying my version of Windows is unsupported. Tried a tool from “Microsoft Fix-it” and it shows I don’t meet the minimum requirements.

If I try the free update to 8.1 Pro through Microsoft’s website, it shows my system doesn’t meet the requirements because I’m using a volume license.

AFAIK the license I purchased is for Windows 8.0 Pro RTM UK OEM.

Can someone help determine why I’m unable to recieve the 8.1 free update, and the kind of license I have? Can a freeware tool help me figure this out?

Thank you!


I just ran Belarc Advisor and it shows (correctly) that I have Win 7 Ult on this machine. It doesn’t show how I acquired it though. Tells you a lot of other stuff about your PC. Worth a try:


Thank you for the suggestion. I executed the “Belarc” program and it shows a lot of useful information, but unfortunately I still can’t figure out my license type.

I’m concerned thinking I bought a volume license. Especially since I’m not allowed to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro. I’ve also had some strangeness activating my games, since they complain about a firewall blocking activation, and I have to activate through a online website, even if my firewall is completely disabled…

If I’m indeed using a volume license, doesn’t that mean a different party is in charge of my Windows license? If this party does something illegal, wouldn’t I get in trouble for it, or have my system taken away? This is kind of my cause for concern.



After further searching, I found I can use the following command at command prompt to reveal my license type:

slmgr /dli

This brings up a “Windows Script Host” window showing “Windows® Operating System, VOLUME_MAK channel”.

It appears I am indeed using a license that’s part of a volume channel, and it isn’t really my own authentication. If this channel (or party), does something illegal, I’m sure I could get in trouble… I think.




Thats a crappy tool for what you asked for. Use AIDA 64 and it will give you all your important software licenses including your Windows serial.


Aida64 costs at least $40. The free tool looks like it does the job.