Tool to recreate a missing .cue



Doesn’t have to be .cue - it could be .mds or .ccd
At this point I just want something that works and I’ll deal with converting to what I need.

The problem: I frequently have to extract data from raw images of CDs. Opening these images without their accompanying .cue file causes the tools to only extract files from the first session. Most of the time, the images are only a single session, so this isn’t a problem. But in the case of a multisession CD, it means the tools I’m using are missing files.

I can extract files from the other sessions using something like the “Find missing files and folders” scan from IsoBuster, but I still don’t have a way to handle the separate sessions as actual separate sessions.

Do any of you know of a tool that can scan through an entire .iso and recreate a .cue (or similar file if not a .cue) that properly identifies all sessions?