Tool that shows actual PCIE/AGP bus clock?



Is there a tool other than RivaTuner that shows a measured/the actual PCI-E/AGP bus speed? Just like CPU-Z shows the actual FSB and RAM bus clocks. GPU-Z doesn’t. That one I tried already. Is there another one? (except RivaTuner)

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I’m not sure, but you can give a try to PC Wizard. This software runs in portable way, i.e. it doesn’t require any installation.


You can also try Clockgen. Seems to be down at CPUID. Try here. Make sure you have the right chipset selected and if you change settings you could run into issues. Just be carefull.:wink:


Thank you very much for all the suggestions!!

The only reason I’m not reacting is that I’m just testing all the tools you suggested. I’ll return and post as soon as I went through all the tools.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:


OK, I’m through. Unfortunately PC Wizard and Clockgen do not show the PCI-E clock speed. Maybe other tools will show up in this thread. Just a little program like GPU-Z, but showing the bus speed as well. That would be really great.


hmm… maybe Everest is able to show this parameter, but if I’m not wrong this is not a free benchmark tool :frowning:


If it’s the only way to see that clock speed as well, than I would buy the tool. I’ll try Everest later today and post again. :slight_smile: