Tool similar to Nero Tool




I’m searching for a tool similar to Nero CD-DVD Speed to check my discs for errors… because i can’t use this one… don’t know why…

Which one can i get?

I own a BTC 1008




Isn’t KProbe Lite-On only?


KProbe is technically for LiteOn. But BTC uses the same MediaTek chip that LiteOn uses, so KProbe has been known to work on BTC drives.

BTW, if CD-DVD Speed doesn’t work, then chances are, other software like KProbe may have difficulty as well… probably some system misconfiguration (ASPI? :confused: )

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code 2^16, I tried using KProbe on a BTC drive… completely inaccurate results.


If I’m reading the question right, (minimal information), the issue is not that CDSpeed doesn’t work, but that the BTC is not returning PI/PIF in the quality test. If so, then it will not work in any program. You can try DVDInfoPro, but the odds are low that it will work.


Ok… then my problem is some ASPI desconfiguration?

I had that problem with Windows (where it turns my drive automatically from DMA to PIO) and i had to install IDETool from ViA to solve this.

Maybe this is the cause of the problem?


Would you please specify what the problem is? Does CDSpeed not run at all? Does the drive just not work in the Quality Test, or what?

Generally, 3rd party IDE drivers are bad.


I’m sorry for the late answer… holiday season :stuck_out_tongue:

CDSpeed runs ok… but when i run the ScanDisc… it starts normally, but then results in a 100% error read disc…

It must be from the IDE drivers i have installed because i used to run this program fine…

The problem is that i can’t un-install this IDE drivers, if i do so my “Secondary IDE Channel” turns to PIO mode ( i tried the un-install trick, it doesn’t work).