Tool needed: spindle strobe disc

Looking for a spindle strobe disc – either a commercial product or a do-it-yourself project. It would be similar in concept to an LP (record) strobe or ones used to calibrate manuf. machines (see Fig. 1 speed calibration disks on this page).


Anyone know the specifics of a (any) portable CD player’s disc speed-up (ramp-up) operation when anti-skip or ESP (Electronic Shock Protection) is engaged? I.e. how much (1.2x, 1.4x, etc.) may be implemented by a particular model/brand. For example, players may offer 10sec -180sec memory buffers. They use buffer chips and speed-up to perform ESP. Any info/comments on this topic is appreciated.

. You should be able to print your patterns onto a disc label (or use LightScribe if you don’t need much contrast).