Tool for ClonyXXL:"Alcoholer" *new*

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you mean Kika was your secret love,
Now we all know that… secret… :slight_smile:


I am back again.
Your program has some errors detecting the drives. With an ClonyDrives.ini I got from another person, I had problems at the beginning too, because of that I updated SetDrives.exe (ClonyXXL-Tool v2.1 instead of only v2) .
With mine it works correctly, if you want I will then send you the source at the evening.
With your tool I get only an access violation and no drives are detected using this ClonyDrives.ini


But you dont know where she lives. :cool:

Originally posted by ghost_zero5

With your tool I get only an access violation and no drives are detected using this ClonyDrives.ini

Same issue here too.


I tested it with your ClonyDrives.ini - if it works with that then it should work with all :slight_smile: .
One question does my tool now work correctly for you too?

EDIT: But we now know the problem, in this tool you are currently only allowed to have 6 drives. We will fix that.

New version will be out probably on friday. I will working on that bug Bulk.

It’s Friday…! :stuck_out_tongue:

New version is ready but i will post it about 6. check this site :smiley:

At 6 … damn then I’m gone.
Well I’ll be back on Monday, so I’ll have to wait.

The new version is out !!! Try [it]( v1.1.rar). If somebody can make logo pls. Send me a mail.

Hi there. I am now working on new version but i dont know what to put there. If anybody can write me what he whats there please send a mail [email][/EMAIL]at Or post it here. Thanks people :bow: :cool:

New version is ready download it from here There can be some errors so please mail me if you find some. Fixed now it works THANKS :bow:

Heres a link to your program (RE: PM) albeit its a bit of a late post, sorry. But its there. :slight_smile:

Thanks Savannah. Btw. new version will be ready tomorrow. It will include autodetect function like ghost_zero5 prog.

New version is ready i have repaird some bugs and added a autodetect function for CD-ROMS. Download

Thanks R!Co

For what ??? :cool:

Hi there

New version is ready some new changes in program. I am still looking for somebody that can make me a webpage please.

Link is here download . Try it. Any suggestions are welcome.

So new vesrion is ready. It now also includes AutoStart Alcohol function and it will also automaticly close ClonyXXL.

Ghost_zero5 will write here something about his prog. :confused: