Took the Plunge

I finally went out and got my brand spanking new 1621 Dual layer external BenQ rewritter. woot!!

So far i’ve been thrilled with it, it’s very fast and quiet as a mouse surprisingly. I had heard some comments about the 1620 being a bit noisy but the 1621 at least is drop a pin on the floor quiet. Burned 3 dvd’s so far, including a backup of one of my Retail DVD’s. The other two included a home movie and a data CD, planning to make a photoalbum DVD and a music DVD next. I Have been thrilled with how easy it’s been, no coasters at all and have been able to do it with very little effort at all. On the downside, i’ve found the bundled software to be passable but nothing extraordinary. Right now i’m using Nero, which i owned seperately {didn’t come with the bundle} and CloneDVD on a 14 day trial. Was just wondering what software others use. Clone DVD so far has worked wonderfully for me backing up my first Retail DVD with no hassels, but always curious if there is anything out there with more options features with the same ease of use. Also is there anything out there that allows a lot of options for menu systems for example, the bundled Sonic RecordNow and WinDvd Creator are ok but i wouldn’t mind something more comprehensive. Thanks for any response :slight_smile:

The only other DVD authoring apps I use are Doom 9’s DVD-Rebuilder & DVD-Shrink Shrink hasn’t as great menu editing capabilities as CloneDVD but it has the edge quality wise IMO.

DVD Rebuilder is a great one click CCE encoder takes a bit of work to set it up but once it is you cant beat it especially for movies that are very long that the transcoders like Shrink and CloneDVD have a tough time with.

You can of course process the movie into an ISO with CloneDVD to remove the menus or whatever and then feed it to either program :slight_smile: their is also IFO Edit that can edit the DVD but thats a bit more complicated from what I heard but I never really tried it out.

Two FREE programs. DVD-Shrink and DVD-Decrypter.

DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter are really nice programs. For copy protection breaking and such so you can actually make backups I love AnyDVD. It sits quietly in the background and then lets you use almost any DVD copy program of your choice. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I use CloneDVD2 as well quite a bit for full movie backups. I also use DVD-Lab Pro v1.0. A bit pricey but well worth the movie if you’re interested in doing movie only, making a menu and importing the streams to a menu’d subsystem. Works well, it’s intuitive. It does have some limitations but they come through trial and error more than anything.

Movie Backup: DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter, burn with DVD Decrypter.
Data Backup: Nero and Roxio
Authoring/special effect (from miniDV): Pinnacle Studio 9.0 with Hollywood FX
Menu/chapter/photo slideshow and finalization (from Pinnacle Studio): Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2

Most writer software is fantastic in some area.

Those to avoid will install VSO’s Patton Couffin Driver within Windows Device Manager.
The VSO based software will slow down your computer and introduce freezes into your movies.

Also to be avoided is Roxio’s DirectCD, Sonic’s DLA, and Nero’s INCD as those three can interfere with other writing software.

My favorite method of backup up movies is to use DVDShrink to make an ISO and then send it to RecordNow (if available)(set to write-once) or DVDDecryptor for burning.
Favorite for data discs is Nero or Record Now (carefully set to a file system that supports multiple writes).

exclusively use anydvd + clonedvd, nero to burn dvd video. :bow: :bow: :bow:

thanks a bunch guys, really appreciate all the suggestions