Took plunge into Blu, need some authoring help

Greets, Im Shada and I came across your site while looking for help / advice so maybe you can. :iagree:

Ive recently jumped into the Blu sector out fitting my pc with both a LG GBC-H20L Super Multi Blue and an LG BH08LS20 Super multi Blue (writer) for purposes of watching movies on my HDtv, Storage of downloaded files, and mastering of footage from my camcorder which is a sony HDR-Hc5 ( DV 1080i)

For the simple stuff such as movies and storage buring, Ive got that covered, but im needing a lil help for dealing with the footage from my camcorder. I transfer it directly to HDD via firewire using HDV Split and it comes up as an M2t file.

So last night I attempted to use the software that came with the writer (cyberlink Power Producer) to edit, arrange, and supposedly master out to a BD, a lot of footage from one of my recent anime con trips.

Everything seemed to be ok and I started the encoding / burn process and then headed for bed as I had to work early in the morning.

So next morning imagine my dismay when i come to find out that the program has locked at 50%, lost all the edit settings I had setup, and coastered the BD (@ $13 a pop for singles i DONT want this to be a regular occurrence)

So any suggestions for some good software (with out a terrible learning curve if possible) and advice that I can use to make BD’s out of my cam footage, and other avenues in the future? I should soon be getting more blanks in (THANK YOU to the person who posted the sale link!!!) and really want to be set up to work with my footage by then.

Many thanks and sorry for the long post!!! :cool:

Welcome to CDFreaks, Shada!

When you said that it hang at 50% and coastered your BD, I assume it was in the process of burning? So Power Producer completed its authoring and encoding process? Can you show us the error log?

If that’s the case, I would suggest next time to output the result to harddrive as files or ISO image, or burn to BD-RE (rewritable) media first, and not directly burn to BD-R (write once) media. If you produce files, you can use a free burning software called ImgBurn to burn to BD-RE (rewritable) media for testing. If everything is fine then you can reburn to BD-R media. Burning to BD-RE first is a recomended way to minimize coaster.

Power Producer that came with your LG drive is probably the very basic one. There are plenty of other BD Authoring software but I will wait for your respond, in case it’s not the software problem. :slight_smile:

I say crashed because it was “stuck” at the 50% mark, 6 1/2 hours after I had started it. The drive was idle and there was no process activity going on the PC in relation to producer. When I clicked the mouse on the gui that was still on the screen, it completely dropped off (as if shut down) and looking at the disc, there was only the start of a directory structure with a BDAV folder which had inside folders for “playlist” “Clipinf” and “stream” all which were empty.

I had orignally wanted to save as an iso for proofing purposes, but that option wasnt available (greyed out)

Well my guesstimate is Power Producer completed the encoding and most likely produced a temporary blu-ray files/folder somewhere in your harddrive and burn that to your BD media in your LG drive, then hang at 50%.

I cannot say what is the problem without seeing the error log (it might not exist anyway). The problem might be the software (Power Producer), the BD media (Power Producer burning engine encounter an error on your BD media) or maybe your system halted during those 6 hours process.

You can try to find the Blu-ray folders (BDAV) in your temporary folder, or find in Power Producer settings where it stores temporary files to. Regarding saving to file, maybe there is an icon in the GUI that can change output from your LG drive to folders?