Took my LVW-5005 back

I got my 5005 on 7-27. I tested it recording from tv, everything was fine. I tested it by dubbing VHS through the rear A/V jacks, everything was fine. When I tried to make a dub from my digital camcorder through the front D/V jack, problem. I made a few coasters if anybody needs one. When I hit stop to stop the recording, it would get stuck saying stopping. Problem is, it’d never stop. I was using Taiyo disc, so I know those weren’t the problem.

Bottom Line: DO NOT get this unit if you plan to use the front D/V input. This is a well known problem which I can now attest to. I thought I might get lucky to get one that works. Except for this problem, the unit functioned well for me in the short time I had it.