Too slow?

Do the attached scans make sense. using a 1620 I burned the same program
3 times.

My belief before scanning was that for a 8X DVD burning at 4x would probably be best ( not pushing it flat out).

The scans seem to show:

(1) that 8x is best
(2) 4x is next best
(3) 2.4x is the worst.

all 3 play without problem in my Liteon 5005 but I was surprised to see how relatively bad the 2.4 x burn was

Interesting… :slight_smile:

A drive’s firmware has limited space/capacity. BenQ, or any other drive maker out there, can only put so many writing strategies, etc. in a drive’s firmware. It seems that BenQ has focused on 8x and higher writing speeds. I have done many tests myself and my conclusion is that the BenQ DW1620 burns better at higher speeds than at lower speeds. I think this was once talked about in a different thread (don’t remember where). Anyhow, this shouldn’t be shocking as it appears that BenQ has concentrated their firmware for newer media types and higher burning speeds. That’s fine by me as I don’t have the patience to do 4x burning anymore (except when I use DVD+RW/DVD-RW media - hopefully that will change soon as well).

Nice to see the myth that slow burning is always better proven wrong.

Even more interesting is, in B7T9 there is NO 2.4 (at spec. media related) write strategy for any DVD+R (plus) media, according to ala42.

Can somebody confirm this.

BTW, I think the everage BenQ user out there still thinks “lower is better”.

According to what information? Why do you say this? I believe that 12x speed burning is usually better than 16x speed burning. I have posted a number of scans showing that such is the case. But other than, where are you getting that opinion from?

From my experience I have found that 8x listed media burns better at 8x than 12x, but not by a lot. 8x media written at 16x is definitely not as good. 8x MCC+ or 8x Yuden+. This may differ from others as each BenQ DW1620 seems to have a mind of its own.

If you read that once more socrates007, you can see, it’s irrelevant what you and me thinks, it’s about what everage BenQ user thinks. Okay, I’m not a mind reader, but my eyes and mind are open, open far beyond this forum.
Example. This evening I went out for shopping (okay, gf sent me out) and in the same time I had in mind to buy some cheap media for testing. I live in Europe and here we still have a lot 2.4 and 4x DVD media laying on shelfs in shops “like Walmart”. To find 8x speed rated media I had to look really hard. Yes I found some after a while searching… crap CMC MAG´s. But 2.4 and 4x media was lying all around.
To make the storry short, this is how I get my opinions. :wink:

My experience has been the opposite with MCC+ and Yuden+ media. Both have given me better results with 12x burning than at 8x speed. I’m using B7P9 firmware. Which firmware is on your DW1620? Maybe that’s the reason why we have had different experiences.

I totally agree that 16x burning speed is worse than both 8x and 12x speed. See this post:

I see. Well, I just haven’t talked to many BenQ owners that have told me slower is better. But, I believe you if you have had that experience. Maybe some more posts with scans can give “evidence” to the contrary (showing that slower is worse). Sorry to hear that in Europe it’s more difficult to find 8x media. I hope that changes for you soon. :cool:

Looks to me that the burns were made with B7P9 not B7T9. I have one in my BenQ now and it has the option to burn @ 2.4 Might be changed with B7T9 i don’t know.

Another pic…

Another MID ala42 missed eh? But still i’m looking at his B7T9 list.

B7P9 AND B7T9 with external or internal setup, no difference for me with two BenQ DW1620’s

Hard to believe that. :stuck_out_tongue:

More likely, there is only one generic 2.4 write strategy for all DVD+R (plus) media.

Oddly, if we look at B7T9 firmware again, there are many 2.0 strats for DVD-R (dash) media…

I decided to re-test some new TDK YUDEN000 T02 media I bought this week from Best Buy comparing them at 8x and 12x burning speeds. With the results I just got, I conclide that there’s not much difference between 8x and 12x burning with YUDEN000 T02 media. You can check out the scans here:

Yeah, re-scanning YUDEN000 T02…

But what about all other plus media that can’t burn at 8 or 12x speeds. Topic still says; too slow ? :wink:

The +R media code table has 5 columns. The first holds the media code (11 byte), columns 2+3 are set for all media, column 4 is set for 12x, column 5 for 16x media, 10 bytes each for columns 2-5. Feel free to make your own speed guesses :).

I can confirm that this is wrong. :cool:

For example, these DVD+R media have write descriptors at 2.4x:


Unless you have a combination of ESP, statistical skills, and mind reading ability, your “average BenQ user” is a fictitious concept. :stuck_out_tongue:

Write descriptors yes, but media specific write strategy in firmware…?

...there is NO 2.4 (at [B]spec. media related[/B]) write strategy for any DVD+R (plus)
More likely, there is only one generic 2.4 write strategy for all DVD+R (plus) media

I hope there is no doubt about the difference between media “descriptors”<–> firmware´s write strategy.

And I can ensure you, also most of the other 84 “plus” media’s listed in B7T9 have write descriptors for 2.4 writing.

Either my english is that bad, or you have not been reading correctly.