Too quiet



looks around nervously

Why is it so quiet on the BenQ front lately? Everyone so happy with their drives now they have nothing new to post? hehe

I know I’m happy enough with my BenQ and NEC ND2500A that I haven’t been posting quite as much. Try to help people when I can make myself not sound like a complete idiot but otherwise I haven’t had much to comment on. Especially since I don’t have any new types of media test with. 230ish Prodisc 8x DVD-R’s (I think the latest 200 from are still MCC 02RG20’s at least, hehe, haven’t even opened those 4 spindles yet to check.), 100ish RicohJPNR01’s and about 50 CMC Mag F01’s. Got media for both drives so I’ve been pretty content lately. :bigsmile:


Agree with you Braxas…it is somehow silent :slight_smile:
But, I’m not surprised, because we have some of the best DVDRW drives right now.

On the other hand… we still have “trigger happy” members on this board… was it something about burners… j/k.
[Sorry fella members and moderators, this is not intended to be a personel attack.] :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I still miss the days when Socrates007 ruled “BenQ” ship. :cool:


Hey you can always go over to the NEC forum and read Joe Dirt’s on going Saga of the long awaited 3250A FW release.


not quiet…busy with the 1640…


Yeah, I too have noticed the lull.

I think it’s because of the excitement in the LG and the NEC conferences right now.

LG just got ala42’s MediaCodeSpeedEdit for the 4163 burner and NEC just got PIE/PIF checking for the 3520 burner. Both are top-rated burners so it’s really interesting stuff!


Gonna have to get me a 4163, finally tracked a local supplier down, bit overpriced but I need new toys :bigsmile: .


No new toys for me right now. :frowning: I’d love to have a LG GSA-4163B though not that I really need it with the two drives I have but I love these DVD Burners. sigh Actually next toy I want to buy is the Sony PSP… /drool.


I should be getting my very own Benq 1620 drive in the next couple of days. (in the post as I speak)

Maybe I’ll be able to post a thing or two about it :slight_smile:


I stopped using it for writing entirely and only use my other writers now.

BenQ is just being used for DVD scanning now…


Well my BenQ 1620 is the best reader and writer in my stable now and has been since going into the box in August 04’. Not like the other drives are bad they just don’t compete across the board.
There is not much to say when you are happy and others want to knock you down because their drive can’t do the same.
I try out lots of drives and most just don’t give you what the 1620 does.

Either limited or no overspeed.
Marginal burn quality.
No PI/PIF scanning.
No firmware tools.


Does that mean you have one? if so can the DW1620 be flashed to work as a DW1640?


heard the onboard chip r different…well u pray hopefully can DW1620---->DW1640.


@pchilson: I have to agree. I think I’ve started posting less for that very reason. My BenQ DW1620A is a fine drive. After this big batch of media I have sitting here I’ll be ready to jump up to 8x and 16x media to use on it. For now I’m having great fun with my NEC ND2500A and the media if I have. Of course, if I find a spectacular deal on 16x media that is good somewhere I’ll certainly buy some for the BenQ. But I’m waiting for the price to drop on that media as it gets more popular. :slight_smile:


Same here not much to talk about and my 1620 does its job well and I havent used my NEC writers to burn anything for a good long while now though the PIF/E scanning which is all the talk in the NEC forums at the moment will be worth a go at least.


Yeah, the PI/PIF scanning on the 3500 will be interesting that is if NEC ever gets it out the door. It’s like waiting for any firmware from them, the sky has to start dropping pieces first… :wink: