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Hi All,
I found a Sony CCD-TR3300 and the price was right, so I bought it. Not knowing what to look for I thought all I had to do was plug it into the computer. Turns out it doesn’t have Firewire, I-link, etc. So to do any editing I’m guessing I’d have to make a CD/DVD of the tape (if that’s possible) than load the CD into the puter to edit? Or is there a more straight forward way of going about it?

This camcorder records in analogue using Hi-8 tapes, which means that you will need some way of capturing it in digital before you can use the footage on the PC.

The handiest way to transfer footage to your PC is with a capture card for the PC. Most TV tuners have an SVHS or composite input, so if you have a TV tuner in your PC, this will also work. With suitable capture software (which usually comes with the card), you would transfer footage in much the same way as to a VHS tape or DVD reocrder, i.e. press play on the camcorder and press record in the capture program.

The following product on Newegg is an example of capture card which comes with capturing software:

Once you have the recordings on the PC, you can use and edit them as with footage transferred from a DV camcorder. :slight_smile:

While the majority of camcorders are now DV based and moving towards HD, it’s still worth trying out your camcorder to see if you’re happy enough with the picture. I’m sure its picture quality is still way ahead of what most digital cameras are capable of taking as video clips as well as some entry level camcorders that don’t have good optics or sensor.

Thanks, Sean. I was hoping for a answer like that. Link goes to Newegg but not to a specific product. Did you have a recommendation or just pointing me to Newegg?

Looking at the capture cards offered, it’s a shot in the dark. LOL

Unfortunately this forum’s built-in advertising bot hi-jacks certain links and often makes a mess of them. :confused:

If you do a search for “USB2800” on Newegg, you’ll get the product the above link would have pointed to. I picked out this one as it has pretty good user reviews and appears to include the cables and software you need to connect your camcorder and transfer footage. :wink:

Your post gave me some insight and hope. LOL Didn’t want to spend a lot on “getting it to work”. But it sounds like it might be worth the xtra money. I’ll check it out.

That sounds perfect! Built the puter with economy in mind and have one PCI slot left. Like to leave it open for future audio card.
Thanks, you’ve been a big help.

Hello Sean,
Any chance you use “DVD Maker” ? I seem to be unable to get XP Pro to recognize it, or to even get the driver to load. Have gone to the KWorld site and don’t see any thing helpfull. Can you give me any clues?

Sorry to hear it is not being recognised. :doh:

Did it show anything when you plugged it in, e.g. “Found New Hardware” pop-up, etc.? If nothing happened the first time you plugged it in or you got a message like “USB device not recognised”, then it’s either a faulty capture unit or the port is not providing enough current to power it. In this case, I would suggest trying a different USB port, on a powered USB hub or try plugging it in on a friend’s PC to see if a “Found New Hardware” dialogue appears on that PC.

If you did get the “Found New Hardware” dialogue, I would suggest try downloading the driver from their website on this link, to rule out a CD issue. On the page, click ‘>>’, then the ‘Download’ tab and you’ll get the driver there.

I’ve never used DVD Maker before. My capture card is part of a hybrid Satellite/Terrestrial TV tuner

Yes, got the “found new hardware”. Then a message that it didn’t recognize USB device. Had Sony Vegus say “USB device could not be opened, make sure it’s not being used by another program”. Nothing else is.
I’ll try the other driver. Thanks.

It doesn’t seem to matter which program I try. Vegus or Adobe Bridge (both can detect a camera) it doesn’t see one. Yet the usb device is listed in the Device Manager. The driver wouldn’t install because it did not see a device , either. It says “I2C device not detected”. This is one of those “it sudedly works” or RMA for a PCI card. LOL It sounded good… Im off for the next 2 days so I’m not noy done yet. I hate sending stuff back. (Takes too long). If you think of anything, let me know.

Just out of curiosity, which section is it listed under device manager? If it’s under “Imaging Devices” or “Sound, video and game controllers”, then the driver itself is likely fine. :wink: If it’s listed as an “Unknown Device” or has an exclamation mark next to it, then uninstall it (leaving the device plugged in) and run the downloaded driver installation again. If PC needs to be rebooted or a “Found New Hardware” screen appears before you run the driver installation, click “Cancel” to this screen.

As far as I can tell on the Sony website, its Sony Vegas software works with DV camcorders, as I couldn’t find any mention about it supporting video capture cards. I’m not sure about Adobe bridge.

Could you try this software? This capture utility will work with pretty much any video input device including webcams, which has a better chance of detecting your capture card. When you start this program, select “Video DVD” for the project type screen, click ‘OK’ and then click the ‘Capture’ button on the left. Choose your capture card from the drop-down list (if not already selected) and you should now see the input live on screen. Try playing your camcorder through the capture card and hopefully the video shows on screen. Hopefully you’ve better luck this time.

Downloading AVS now.
It’s listed in “Sound, video and game controllers”. Maybe this isn’t odd but when I looked this morning, it wasn’t there until I hooked the camera up to the computer. I would think it would be listed all the time like everything else.:confused:


I thought I already tried using the composite hook up instead of the s-video but, connected the red, white, and yellow, and we have a BINGO!. Looks like garbage at the bottom, and getting some kind of video audio out of sync error, but now I’ve got something to work on, see anyway.

Thanks, Sean, for sticking in there with me. I had the door open and arm back to see how far I could throw it. LOL :smiley:

Great to hear you’re getting the audio & video to come through now :slight_smile:

If you can bring up a device settings menu for the capture card, it’s worth checking that the video size and frame rate are correct, i.e… 525i @ 30 frames/sec for an NTSC camcorder if it gives a choice of PAL/NTSC. I previously had a capture card that kept defaulting to NTSC despite the TV system being PAL here in Ireland, which would result in audio/video sync issues and stretched images if I forgot to set to PAL before capturing.

It’ll take a little while to get the hang of. There are a few main things to watch out for - Check the CPU usage during the capture to make sure it stays well below 100%. Otherwise you’ll need to try a different video codec or lower bitrate. I would also recommend having nothing else open except the capture program. For example, if you have a web browser open, some badly designed flash based banner ads can easily hog the CPU, which would interfere with the live capture process.

I’ll take your advice. Not sure about the cable thing, AVS won’t recognize set up unless I start the program “before” I connect the camera. No big deal, but could have been the trouble maker. Still won’t work with Vegus. As long as it’s going I can do something.

See ya, thanks.

Like you said, takes some time to get used to. AVS works sometimes, next time locks up for some reason. Same thing with Cyberlink. Frustrating. LOL