Too much work

I got carpet for nothing to change out mine in my computer room and I have been two days now removing my computers. I have three disktops I have to remove with sheives full of books and one wall with shelves with nothing but spare computer equipment. Along with a lot of other stuff. When I go to put this all back I am going to make a trip to salvation army and get rid of all these old keyboards.monitors and such. Then I am going to go through each box as I bring it back into the room and throw away the things I have been keeping for ten years just in case. Well just in case never came so it is time to file it in file 13. My wife was out of town this weekend and will be back on Sunday she not going to be too happy with all my computer things in the garage and front porch. I can just here her know, that better be out of there before everyone gets here Christmas. Know telling what I might fine I already found a program I look all last week for and could not find. It was right were I had put it shame it took removing everything to find that right were I had put it spot. Took a set of 1992 Encyclopedia Britannica that most had not even been opened to the salvation army last week, they were the only people who would take them. They told me that if the covers were great they have people who come in and get them to fill book shelves. I told him that what they were doing at my house and I want the book space for my dvds.

I know the feeling.

I’ve got a wooden floor to put down in the computer room and I’m really dreading it.

Ten years of rubbish and what seems like six million wires to sort out!

AARRRGGHH!!! :bigsmile:


Well carpets and of course I got the main computer working but the rest will have to wait . I figure it will take me four or five days if my wife will let me to bring it all back in going to go throw each box and get rid of a lot of things I do not need like olld floppy disk old programs that were before windows.