Too much data

I downloaded the whole Audiotracks of one CD. When I wanted to burn the cd with nero i had to allow the burning of extralarge CD’s. but there is one problem:
I use a cd/r with 900mb but i have data about 1,1GB to burn. on the original CD are the same tracks.
Is there a possibility to compress the different tracks?
I tryed much, but there is no way.
Please help.


Well, if you dont mind running it from the hard drive(provided you can), I suggest you to get WinRar and compress the hell out of it, then burn it. 8)

i think you downloaded some other format or something cause there is no way that a cd as far as i know can hold 1.1 gb…
but maybe you can use 2 74 min cds???

This CD must be played in standalone player? I mean they are not MP3’s?
When the disc is full, it’s full. You can add a few mb’s but not a few 100 mb’s! :stuck_out_tongue: