Too many stickies!

Any way we can get some of the older drive reviews unstickied or something?

There should be a forum just for these reviews that these can be moved to once they’re too old to be relevant here. Then they wouldn’t cover the first page of this forum and you wouldn’t have to search the forum to find them either.

I agree, some of them (reviews) should get merged into 1 big sticky thread.


it is a tradition at CDfreaks forum, that pointers to reviews, inlcuding the possibility to discuss them, are posted as sticky in the forums.
To unstick them would break this “rule”.

As this is a general question affecting all forums, this thread should belong into the “Forum Talk” forum. So I’ll move it there.

Well, how about one ‘Review’ stickie that is an index to all the other reviews? I mean are the 16X (and slower) drives even available any more? You could even lock it to mod only access so it stayed short.